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  1. excellent! I expect you get this all the time, but, do you have any idea when the next update might be released? cheers
  2. Sorry, didnt quite understand the first post, is this guy saying hes designed the unit, can make the units, and hes offering to sell them, or he just thinks that Z88 should make them? If he makes them (which seems pretty->very doubtful) then I want one! Pitty hes unregistered so no PM button... Dave
  3. Hi, What version of the software is it that this live adjustment of the chase speed 'bug' appears in? I'm guessing there's no way to make this 'bug' control the speed of all the chases running through the submasters, instead of just one? Thanks, Dave
  4. Hi, thanks. Does this apply to generic channels, or just fixtures? I can't see a way to save generic scenes into the position pallet, it seems to be solely for fixtures. Is there a way, and if so, will it save generic brightness, or just the 'positions' of the generic channels - of which obviously there arn't any? Thank you very much, Dave
  5. Once you have recorded scenes, can you use these as steps of a chase (without first dumping them to the submasters)? If so, how? Many thanks, Dave Nash
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