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  1. achamb

    Chilli Dimmers 2410

    Thanks for the info Keith, Preheat may be an option, but the problem is more prevalent when setting up, using the remote focus unit you tend to turn a lantern on full, focus it, move onto the next one. If the dimmers are set to preheat every time they are switched on (i.e. any time anybody is working on the lighting rig / desk) then you could be looking at 20 hours a week in power consumption at 5% is like having the whole rig on for an hour at a time. Having chatted to a few people, they were wondering whether the type of MCCB chosen was causing the problem. I'm no electrical expert but they were talking about type B, C and D fault curves. Any further advice would be appreciated, because I would hate to find out we were specified the wrong type (or max load capacity) of dimmers for our theatre
  2. achamb

    Chilli Dimmers 2410

    HI. We've just had the second batch of chilli dimmers installed at our local theatre and find that the individual dimmer trips operate on cold load when the dimmers are used on a paired circuit. This happens with loads of 2 x parcans (2 x 1kW=8.3A approx) and also 2 x cantatas (2 x 1.2kW=10A approx). Should this happen? Have already set down the topset on the dimmers to 90% but still seem to have problems when dimmers are operated instantaneously from 0-100%. Although during the running of a show this is not a major problem as most scenes are on fades but during setup when the dimmers are operated via remote focussing control the contstant trek to the dimmer racks is becoming tedious. Have we been specified the wrong dimmers or is there something else we can do to eliminate this problem. Thanks for your time.
  3. Thanks for your suggestions. Pity that the frogs can't get it together. Will have to have a serious look at the rig. Its mainly 250's and 300's but really do need the flexibility to be able to control them individually. Might just have to make the rig smaller. :cry:
  4. There is an application coming up where I require the use of more than 12 fixtures on a fat frog. I know the ideal situation is a leap frog but unfortunately the bank budget won't allow this. I do however, have access to a second fat frog. Is there a way of getting them to mate so that I can have control over 24 fixtures in a kinda kinky master/slave way? If so, how can I help them to "get it together" if u know what i mean! :oops:
  5. thanks ice... took yours and k-nine's wisdom and managed to successfully light the show. My original explanation may have been a bit poor. At the moment when u assign a scroller as a fixture the frog asks what the dmx of the lantern is... eg. 12 and the dmx address of the scroller e.g. 100. All I wanted to do was to be able to assign extra lanterns to the same scroller dmx (i.e. have 10 lanterns on different dimmers and set the scrollers to the same address) This you can't do with the existing scroller setup. However, once again showing the versatility of the frog managed to come up with a solution! Cheers!
  6. If you really want to do this then so long as you don't want to change colour re-assign the shutter control into the colour button using the fixture editor software.
  7. achamb

    Frogs and the Future ?

    The only thing i'd say about a new frog 2 is to not make it to reliant on having to programme macros. I have used a strand desk and, believe me, to get intelligents moving how you want them takes 50 times longer on a strand desk that hasn't been macroed up to its eyeballs than on a frog. The best feature of the frog is that you can get great lighting results quickly, without having to spend hours programming duck macros. When I use the frog desks, time is always against us and I have found this product to be the easiest way to design a show in the and get the desired effects in the timescales provided.
  8. Hi. Being an avid and loyal frog user I would really love to see in the next software patch the ability to assign more than one dmx dimmer to a scroller fixture so I can have more than two lanterns (with the scroller set to the same dmx) on the same fixture. This would be great if you could fit this in before october as I'm lighting Jesus Christ Superstar and with 18 intelligents and 14 scrollers planned have just ran out of space on my leap frog ! So please, please let us assign more than one dmx dimmer to a scroller fixture.
  9. Having just used the fat frog with the latest software release and checked it against the phantom frog I found a monitor message problem which you may be aware of. If editing a scene with fixtures in it and you change the brightness only of them. then when you click on edit to leave it asks if you want the C B P saving as well. On the frog desk LCD the toggles are set to "no" but on the screen they say default as "yes" Having saved it i found the default is no... but it is a bit confusing!
  10. Just to add to the keyboards I find the most annoying part of using the keyboard in the memories screen is when you want to cursor from left to right and you have to use the up and down arrow keys and vice versa. The amount of times my dwell time has become 99:59.99 DOH!
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