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  1. Is there any way a riggers remote could be developed for the illusion 500 :?: :shock:
  2. wilee

    Auto Move

    Does The Illusion 500 have automove like the strand 520 :?: :shock:
  3. If you uses the effects gen can you program it into the cue stack so it can be played back on x
  4. wilee


    Would it ever be possible to network a desk to a server or the offline editor. :?:
  5. I has Been Ask to Buy a desk for a theatre company that i work for we will be using macs and scrollers and we will be touring different shows and will not have much time programming do you think that the frogs will ever have the automove feature. :?:
  6. wilee


    Ok But What happens if the you cant do that on the dimmers :?:
  7. wilee


    Is it possible in the next software upgrade to be able to set a Generic channel so you can run non-dim equipment (uv, mirrorballs, Rotating beacons etc)
  8. Yes but it takes more time to program and its to much fafing with auto move the desk does the fafing.
  9. I think that naming a show is a good idea because i tour with a small band and i have different shows for different sets so it can be confusing when i have to use the number. 8O It`s hard when i have 15 different shows. :!:
  10. Auto move is a good thing it saves time i use the strand 520 which has auto move and all i have to do is put the fixture in its place and program. But could switch it on and off in the menu
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