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  1. these are some pictures of a show I did last week In this show I used: - 2 zero88 mambofrog - 16 Movitec SL250 - 20 Martin Mac 2000 profile - 3 Martin Mac 600 - 4 Martin Atomic 3000 - 8 lineblinder - 7W laser (green) - 8W laser (full color) - 24 dimmer channels
  2. I'm doing an event next weekend where we need a lot of lights. We contacted an other rental company and ordered some truss, 8 movitec sl250, 2 martin mac 600, 2 mac 2000 and 18 martin mac 500. everything was ok and the contracs signed. 2 weeks ago the company contacted us and let us know that the mac 500 weren't availeble. We agreed that we would get the new Mac700 instead of the 500. I was verry happy of course. always better to have stronger lights :twisted: . But this week the company contacted us again and said that the mac700 were stuck at the customs authorities. So now we ha
  3. these plans are made with Wysiwyg from Cast Software. Link Other programs are: - Capture Link - Martin show designer Link most of these programs have a download section on their website where you can download a trial version. This versions are mostly limited by time, functions, ... These demos will give you an idea of how the full sotware will be so you can see if it has all the functions you need. But be aware, software like this is expensive. The pictures on your link are also made with the demo version because I only need the software a couple of times a year. greetz y
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    did that before 8)
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    had some probs with the images, but here they are (click to enlarge)
  6. Yves


    the music is mainly hardstyle, jump and house. the truss is located above the visitors and around the stage. I have a wysiwyg screenshot, but I'm not able to upload it now. Going to do that tomorrow. We already have pyro effecs in the truss, but were needing something visual for the whole evening. greetz Yves
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    we have a party in april where we have a lot of truss. so my question is,: has somebody some ideas so we can fill the gaps between the heads? previous editions we used led tubes and paper sferes with strobes in them, and this time we need something new. It doesn't have to be complex and expensive, but it must be notable. thx yves ps. The fixtures we already have are: - 16 movitec SL250 - 4 martin 3000 - 4 martin MAC 600 - 20 martin MAC 500 - 2 martin MAC 2000 - 4 pulsar chromabank - 4 blinder - 8 lineblinder and 160m truss, so we have a lot of open space :cry:
  8. It would be nice if you can change for subs individually. For those quick movements it is indeed useful that they stop, but for some other movements it could be good that they continue.
  9. I like it when the movement continues. then I'm able to flash with my heads @ random positions quickly. When I'm doing a band-show and the heads always move to their home position I get frustrated I guess :roll: greetz yves
  10. sorry, my mistake :oops: thanks for the right manual Paul 8)
  11. update: it was a great party. More than 5500 partypeople and the lights worked great. It wasn't that difficult to control 2 mambo's as I thought. had an error (FbER) on one of the Mac's but it workes fine does anybody know what it means? here are some pictures of the show. I will post the movie when it's finished. (We had to put a truss on the floor becouse of the weight) (LED tubes are really great 8) ) (a lot of people 8O ) (THE END) Me controlling 2 mambo frogs)
  12. I had this problem with V9 and V10. The mode is correct for as far I know, but will chack this tomorrow. I have a lot to do this week and they have to dim this friday, so I hope the problem will be solved quickly. First I'm going to see how I can patch 16 Mac500, 4 Mac600 and 16 Movitec SL250 on a mambo and draw a dmx set-up for this weekend :roll: .
  13. I tried this during the set-up today and I can't dim the martin atomic 3000 like you guys say. With the grand master they worked fine and manually also. But when I turn the brightness @ 0 then they won't work. When I turn brightness @ 100% and put the sub up they flash @ full power. I checked the mode on the strobes and they are in mode 4 just like the fixtures in the mambo. Probably I'm doing something stupid wrong, but I don't know what.
  14. I think they are in 4 channel mode, but I will test it this weeken.
  15. Ok, this is my problem. When I program our atomic 3000 strobes (mambo frog) and transfer the program to a submaster I can't dim the strobes like a head etc.. It has a brightness channel but if I program the strobes at a desired speed they just won't dim. I have to createa program with the rate @ 0 to turn them off. does anybody have an idea what I'm doing wrong and explain to me how I can create this? greetz yves
  16. I've upgraded my desk (mambo frog) last week and had no problems.
  17. I still have a quick tutorial of how you make an .ift with the Fixture Type Editor from the old forum. I can post it if someone want it. 8) greetz yves
  18. after a quick search on google I found THIS hope it's the one you need
  19. had this problem with my mambo also in the beginning, so brought it back to the dealer and they fixed it.
  20. have a look @ the site of sam.henderson HERE
  21. Never tried to program a chase directly on to a sub, but I thought that if it works with chanal data, a chase would work also. :oops:
  22. Edit: Damn, I'm slower than ICE :cry: Edit: see point 3 If you are programming the chases on a memory, you just have to change the number of the memory and create a new one. When programming directly on subs, change the number of the sub. If you have programmed the chase on a memory, go to memories via the memory button, select the memory and press transfer no time + the flash button of the sub where you want the chase to be on. repeat this for multiple chases. when programming a chase you can choose if the Pos action is snap or fade and then set the speed.
  23. there will be a second operator at the desk, but I will be controlling both desks most of the time. the Hog1000 was indeed a better option, but our company doesn't have one and if we'd have to rent one just for learning would be a bit expensive. In april we're doing the 4th edition of this party and by then I hope to have learned the Hog or maybe a Frog2 :wink: .
  24. Update: The show will be controlled with 2 * Mambo frog and we've added 44 LED tubes to the rig. Where these will be I don't know, but I'm sure the amount of truss is large enough to fit them all 8) after the event I will post some pictures and maybe a movie. I'm going to try to create an equal impressive show like we did in april. The movie of this can be found Here (12.7 MB)
  25. Havn't tried that before So easy that I missed it I guess
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