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  1. I use the frog alot for live concerts and events ETC. Usually use a page of subs per song or artist. (version 9 now with 20 pages will be great) Program your looks and movments onto each sub labeling with the keyboard. Only problem I have found is adding times to each submaster (have to record as a Mem then transfer REAL PAIN!!!!!!) this allows the subs to be used as an Avolites style playback. Once programmed and operational very handy. Can always used the pallets to overlay extra looks on top of shapes and chases etc. Hope helps! :roll:
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    I bought a DJ version desklight for my Fat Frog. It cost me only £12. It has the 3-pin XLR on it. All was required was to re-wire the XLR for the desk. (when first placed in created a dead short) one simple common resolder and it works a treat!!
  3. Fantastic, life will be much easier!!!! Looking forward to the update then Mark
  4. It would be great if when recording a submaster you could set the up/down/LTP times and snap or fade parameters on it (as a mem) This would save recording it to a mem- setting the times and then transfering it. Also a Copy and Photocopy mode. Copy being you can copy the submaster to another but any changes made to it would not affect the previous or mem it came from. Photocopy being a copy of the sub with changes resulting in all being changed (as is at the present software) Many thanks Mark
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