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  1. Hi, I have a jester 24/48 and for the next show at school we are hiring 4 colour scrollers. Programming the scrollers onto the aux's for manual operation seems striaghtforward, but can they be programmed into the cue stack so the scrollers operate with the "go" key? johnt
  2. Thanks Robin for that info. Perhaps Paul can let me know the resolution the Jester is outputting. Can't seem to find anything in the operating manual. Johnt
  3. I have recently bought a jester 24/48 for the school theatre. I also purchased a DGM L-1431W 14" LCD monitor. When I plug in the monitor, the display "strobes" about every couple of seconds. On my computer I have a AvanHard LCD monitor which has exactly the same problem when plugged into the Jester. Both monitors work perfect on the computer. A standard monitor works perfect and so do some of the other makes of flat screen that we have around the school. My problem now of course is budget. I cannot get the money to purchase another monitor. I see from a previous entry that this problem has been highlighted before. Is there, or is there going to be a fix for it? Regards, Johnt
  4. Johnt

    Chilli Dimmers

    I help out with the lights at a local youth theatre. We currently have 48 analogue dimmer channels on a variety of dimmer packs controlled by a Strand GSX desk via a dmux. we have 6 lighting bars with 14 sockets per bar out to a patching frame. The theatre management have had a quote for the dimmers to be replaced by 2 x 24 channel Chilli packs. They have asked for my opinion, but not knowing anything about Chillis I am after some advice. Firstly, there appears to be no patching panel so how are our 84 sockets going to be connected and cross patched to the dimmers? Will the GSX still be OK? I have downloaded the operating manual, but any practical advice will be greatly appreciated.
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