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  1. k, we hve 6 Elation CMY zooms, 3 on each side of our balcony. the lights work on one side but do not on the other. what is the best way to test a dimmer in a dimmer rack. any help is greatly apreciated.the cmy's are hooked up to dimmers i think the dimmer is bad.


    According to the Dimmers you are using - it may be vary easy to test it via a test knob on front of your dimmer

    maybe there is a test function on the menu ... unfortunatly you didnt wrote the manufaturer and type of the dimmers

    or take down the desk to the dimmer rack and connect it with your dimmer set the DMX start adress to 1 and your desk to defaults then push fader 1 when the dimmers working proparly your cablig gotta some kind of error in it ...

  2. Hi, here am I again !!!

    I was on a training day this week - thanks to Franck.

    I am zealous about this console - It brings so many possibilities

    After some houres off playing around I decided to download your offline programm.

    To play for hours :-) pity about having a console on hand.


    Here are my first qustions:

    Is it possible to connect a console via artnet to a 3rd-party DMX/Artnet interface ?


    Is it possible to switch off the release function ?


    My suggestion for the MFT´s are some shortcuts like even/odd/all on/off a ENTER key to have it on right hand.


    Keep your good work on !



  3. Hi I´am out for your

    Frog Reference 5418 - Dimmer Laws


    and additional solo off (swap) function.

    setup no solo-channels like houselights etc. that are not affected by pressing a channel while in solo.

  4. Hi gress,

    you are right, you can indeed control this effect very exact, but it takes soo much time to build all those effect memories...

    Using the effect engine is "working economic" as the only thing to do is push wheel group button twice and alter Effect to "ellipse" and tilt to i.e. 50 press wheel button again alter speed to i.e.10 and volila you can safe this motion to a pallet.


    Special hint: to create up to 4 other effect on this basis

    press and hold position button alternate the "edit mode" to "fan-first" "fan-middle" or "fan-last" then change the value of "offset" to i.e. 45%


    Other choose all even devices and change speed to i.e.+10 then choose all odd devices and setup speed value to -10

  5. Hi Morn,

    try when using "moving head´s " the ellipse effect is your friend,

    give your fixtures a tilt value above 128-128 set effect size X to 50 and speed to 5 / 8 voilá your fixtures follow a half circle.


    another solution is to use the triangle effect value with little more speed then the scans can´t reach all three points regulary...


    Viel erfolg :D

  6. Hi,

    In fact bemi is right

    the english manual says

    "use the + and - keys to select the step before where you whish to insert the new step."

    to give the gist it should be translated as bemi suggested:

    "Verwenden Sie die + und - Tasten, um den Step anzuwählen, nach dem Sie einen neuen Step einfügen wollen"



  7. Hi,

    maybe there is an easier answer

    You´ve got an analoge controller for your hazer - is there a kind of switch to turn haze on/off - replace it with a relay controlled by the DEMUX...


    goes like this:

    Frog -- runs DMX to -- demux -- runs 10V to -- relay (replaces switch in controller) - controller sends hazer needed values.

  8. You can also put it into a preset -

    select your scan - push beamshapebutton and a generic channel flashbutton at the same time - the values of your beamshape will be stored to this "preset" button.

    presets can be used in submaster and in memeory stack though it is possible to change every "open" scene into a "gobo".


    To save the beamshape option only - press beamshape and program at the same time when programming your submaster. This saves only the beamshape options to the sub.



  9. I upload the file as a StuffIt Arcive can be found HERE

    The file include drivers for mojo scan1 + scan2.

    Extract the files directly to desk formatted disk.

    To bring light into the darkness :D

    The mojo´s didn´t have a shutter or dimming device - it has a gobo wheel where the position "closed" and "open" can be indexed.

    To see how your fixtures work really you can use the generic part of your desk - give your mojoscan2 DMX address 1 so you can see what happening on direct controlling the first 4 faders : 1:gobo/shutter 2:color 3:pan 4:tilt

    now you can check which DMX values are for closed/open/gobo 1/gobo 2 ...



  10. Hi dmxeater,

    your mojoscans didn´t have a shutter they only have


    now when you put the Gobo option on the brightness button you cant create gobo presets with your bullfrog.


    Its a matter of coherent programming to get this thing to work.


    Don´t hesitate to PM when you have any problems with your Mojos


    to get fixture files of mojoscan 1 + 2 where beamshape option is switched to brightness CLICK HERE

  11. As the mojo´s only have a gobo and a color wheel it would be advisable to run them via presets. When it is neccessary to run them by submaster then I would create a "home" submaster where all the mojo´s stop movement and blackout.

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