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  1. Hello all, after the 10.12 Release update my desk has little "illumination" problems on the right "wheel" display when the desk boots up the right display is backlit until the boot is succeeded then it went dark but it shows chars on it. Cheers Sebastian
  2. According to the Dimmers you are using - it may be vary easy to test it via a test knob on front of your dimmer maybe there is a test function on the menu ... unfortunatly you didnt wrote the manufaturer and type of the dimmers or take down the desk to the dimmer rack and connect it with your dimmer set the DMX start adress to 1 and your desk to defaults then push fader 1 when the dimmers working proparly your cablig gotta some kind of error in it ...
  3. Hi I am back for good :-)so my soulution for your problem is patch strobes on preset faders i.e. strobe1 dim/rate 44/46 strobe2 dim45/46 now you can adjust speed with one fader 46 program 44 and 45 on different submaster. you can reach your effect.
  4. Hi, here am I again !!! I was on a training day this week - thanks to Franck. I am zealous about this console - It brings so many possibilities After some houres off playing around I decided to download your offline programm. To play for hours :-) pity about having a console on hand. Here are my first qustions: Is it possible to connect a console via artnet to a 3rd-party DMX/Artnet interface ? Is it possible to switch off the release function ? My suggestion for the MFT´s are some shortcuts like even/odd/all on/off a ENTER key to have it on right hand. Keep your good work
  5. Haytech


    Hi I´am out for your Frog Reference 5418 - Dimmer Laws and additional solo off (swap) function. setup no solo-channels like houselights etc. that are not affected by pressing a channel while in solo.
  6. Das ist ja wie stille Post :-) 8O :? 8) 8) :cry: um acht von 10 bis 27 *lol*
  7. Sorry Ice - there are no pictures yet :-(
  8. Hi, all I´am back for good :-) Is it possible to store Alcora shows on a PC ? and how ?
  9. So sorry K-Nine, I have jumped this section
  10. Hi gress, you paid for it so why don´t use it *lol*
  11. Uhhh - again a useful bit of information that I never get before It must have been a "note" in the manual
  12. Hi gress, you are right, you can indeed control this effect very exact, but it takes soo much time to build all those effect memories... Using the effect engine is "working economic" as the only thing to do is push wheel group button twice and alter Effect to "ellipse" and tilt to i.e. 50 press wheel button again alter speed to i.e.10 and volila you can safe this motion to a pallet. Special hint: to create up to 4 other effect on this basis press and hold position button alternate the "edit mode" to "fan-first" "fan-middle" or "fan-last" then change the value of "offset" to i.e. 45%
  13. He´s got a frog on his hand he´s got a frog on his hand *sing*
  14. That´s a very good idea Ice in our business it is necessary to keep your stuff clean ! face it ice you was curious to see frogintrails Thank you for the pictures
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