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  1. If anyone ever gets in this kind of trouble again (hope the new release convertetd the disloyal frog specimens... :twisted: ) : In my case, the strange blue screen appearing after editing the speed vanished for ever after RELOADING THE SHOW to the desk! :idea:
  2. So here's to anyone who makes the same strange experiences: The problem disappears (and I hope never comes back) by reloading the show to the desk. :roll: Greetings Lightly
  3. Hi, Chase was running on the Playback X, and I edited the memory directly. Gonna send you the show in a few minutes by e-mail...
  4. Hey Zero88-Folks, I unfortunately made some bad expierience last Weekend: my Fatfrog crashes the same way as "dominicgross" posted in this forum on Jul 1st this year. While doing a show and runnning a chase and some Submaster-programms, I pressed "edit" to configure the speed of the current memory running. "Edit"-Menu opens, but as I turned the Speed-rotary switch, a window "Saving show- please wait" opened, flickered between 0-24% and ended up in a whole blue screen with some boot-advices I think. I had to restart the frog, and now everytime I try to configure the chase-speed, same thing happens. Is this a recognized problem and may I solve just by installing the 8.1.-software once more? Greetings
  5. Hello to the Zero88 staff, great work your Phantom Frog, I'm very glad you offer such comfortable tool. I like to know if it's possible or even necessary to update the software running on the Phantom. Desk setups show the software version 0.0.0 !? Greets
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