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  1. djc007

    10.8 software

    I completly agree. It has become a chore to make sure when copying several subs as a look to another you have to move the A master to tag everything. Also when creating a chase, transfering it into a sub and creating a new chase, one of the states appears in every step in that new chase. Beginning to annoy everyone I work with. Will be on 10.4 until these bugs gets fixed.
  2. djc007

    floppy drive causing reboots

    i've been able to assign a user fixture template i made on a brand new floppy disk but only after the desk has reset twice in sucesstion from not being able to access the disk. I can also save and load a show from the floppy but when first inserted it resets the desk. if i keep the floppy in the drive whilst rebooting it lets me load and save the shows to and from the disk. dan
  3. We've recently purchased a Bull Frog for our theatre and it seems to have a problem with the floppy drive. we have version 10 of the OS and every time i try to load a fixture file from the Zero 88 floppy disk provided with the desk it crashes the desk and reboots the system. the only time it doesn't reset the desk is where i put in the original operating system disk and it loads the OS from the floppy. Apart from that it reset the desk every time i try to load, save or access a fixture from a floppy. I've formatted several 1.44mb brand new floppy disks and tried saving the show. the serial number of the desk is as follows - 0073601 xxxxxxxx any help much appriciated!!! thanks Dan Moderation: serial number removed from public forum (we have noted it here though).
  4. djc007

    User Defined Movement Effects

    Hello, as an avid fan of frog desks, and a current user of one down at north pier theatre where we are curently doing Dave Spikeys tour. I was just wondering as i was designing the rig with the mac 250's we've got, that is there any more shapes or effects added to the elipse, figure of 8 and quad and tri that you know of? is this a current development or something that could be loked into, as these effects save alot of time in programming lots of movers at once cheers, Dan

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