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  1. Sorry, I'm at a boarding school, and the network won't let us upload
  2. Whenever I've tried doing that, the state currently 'on' has always blacked-out - not something you want during a show! Chris
  3. Hi Guys, I've programmed chases on a Fat Frog before, with the same software version:Go into edit Chases, set step one, program, step two, program....etc. But It doesn't work when in playback mode- can anyone help? Sorry I'm being a bit vague here, can't really think what else to say!! Chris
  4. what do you mean by authority and identity challenged? The desk was bought in 2001, and the lighting chap i leaving school this year, taking all knowledge of the current code with him! Im taking over from him, and I need the code to stop said prying kids! Does it just mean asking what school I'm at, my name, what?
  5. on a similar note, how do i reset the desk lock?? a colleague of mine refuses to tell any of us what the code is, and he's leving for university soon, so how do we reset it to stop prying kids destroying our valuable desgning??
  6. may as well put it on the forumm for everyone to see: ***Moderators edit: may as well not*** On my FatFrog, the game cannot be controlled with an external keyboard, but that may just be because I'm not allowed by my school to update it..... HTH EDIT: OK then, since I'm not allowed to post the method to the game, if anyopne would like to know, please feel free to email me at the address below!!! Thanks
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