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  1. Can you put a list with the posting of what kind of fixture's you used on the show ? Will post in the near future
  2. Alex

    Next release

    But when is the new software going to arrive ?
  3. Is it possible to put the dimmers of the moving lights under a submaster? And how can you do it ?
  4. Alex

    Quick guide

    It was just the easy person in me :oops: to lazy to read the manual But i now i did And with some help of the people at rolight and a lot of playing time i figured it out Got to say im loving my frog more and more each day.
  5. Just to be curious, is locking palettes going to be in the new update ? It would be a very useful function Greetings Alex Reinders
  6. Alex

    Quick guide

    We just got a Fat frog but is there a quick guide for programming? Or do i need to carry the manual with me ? Greetings Alex
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