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  1. Hi Both, Software team are looking into this, will get back to you as soon as i have a reply from them.
  2. Sounds like there is a possible issue with the transceiver on the Alpha. Can you take a resistance measurement across the + and - pins of the unit (does not make a difference if it s on the input or output as they are simply joint together inside the unit. you should be seeing around 250k ohms.
  3. if you want to PM with you location on the address in my signature will make a recommendation for you.
  4. Yes there is a single DIMM on the processor module. It is worth checking it just in-case. From what i have seen symptoms for a DIMM issue would normally be X in the middle of the screen at boot.
  5. Two possible issue i can think. One is a system resource issue at boot up. Basically the processor module is potentially allocating system resource (memory) to something at boot up so it can't initialise itself correctly. This could potentially be resolved by a bios update on the processor module that "caps" the amount of memory it is allowed. The second is the USB devices, for some reason, pulling the 5v rail down at boot. The 5v rail is critical as it is used to generate internal 2.2v and 3.3v. if it low the other rails will be low and some of the logic will again not initialise. PM on the address below and we can discuss possible way to solve this.
  6. As you have done enter the number2 and on the next screen select the "use on this desk universe instead" option. That should then give you the name Output 2 as per my original image.
  7. The settings for the output have not changed but it is possible if you have load a show file from 7.9.4 that has only one universe patched it has only enabled output 1. If you go into setup universe, check universe 1 has both Output 1 and 2 selected not just output 1.
  8. Hi Claude, Check that rig sync is also turned off as well as it could be the dimmer does no like the RDM signal.
  9. Hi Jac, The s/n is on the rear of the unit and can be quite long, if you want to send that to me on the address in my sign off i can date the dimmer for you. As mentioned the transformer is one possible cause but there are other parts that can give the same symptoms if they fail as well. As you are already familiar with Controllux would recommend them as you first point of contact to have the unit assessed.
  10. Hi Alex, Edward passed your show file to me to look at on a physical Orb XF desk, so far i have not been able to replicate the issue that you have reported. To confirm the first fixture is 901, as you mention 900 further up this the thread which as far as i can see from does not exist. When selecting 901 and pressing enter i see intensity and RGB appear on the wheels. if i then do 901. then it expands and i can get access to the individual cells. any combination of 901.x to to 908.x always show intensity and RGB on the wheels when selected. One thing to confirm when you press the colour button on the desk does the LED in the button light up or does it stay lit on one of the other attributes? We assume the wheels work ok for all the other fixtures. to trouble shoot this further it would helpful to setup a teams call or face time call to look at the issue live. please contact the support@zero88.com mail address to do that.
  11. Hi You can access the hardware test mode by booting the desk with the Setup button held until the screen shows an image of the desk front panel. Once in you can release setup, and from there is you move a fader or press a button it will tell you what you are moving as well as showing the relevant button/fader move on the the display. For the faders you should only see a single fader move at a time and you can see the a smooth count from 00 to FF with no big jumps or drops to 0. If you see any other faders move then they are "dirty" and not reading correctly. For these you could try a drop of switch cleaner (something like elector lube) into the fader via the straw and run this up and down a few times to work it in. Failing that it would be a replacement fader needed. feel free to PM me on the address in my sign off if you need any more details.
  12. PM on the address below will let you have some more info on how to access the desk correctly
  13. Not much else that we can think of on this other than failure of something in the USB circuit itself. Only way to tell that is have the desk back or investigation. PM on the address below to discuss this more.
  14. Hi Ian, have also replied to the mail that you send to the support box as well.
  15. hi Ian, If you want to PM on the address below with the desk S/N and what you are seeing as the desk boots up will see if i can help on this one.
  16. Drop me a PM on this for he circuit info. And yes the initials on that label are mine,
  17. Hi Chris, Checked on this and the switch setting on this PCB should all be in the off position on that PCB. I am unaware of of any issue with 4.1 in regard to LCD stopping working but if you have carried out an update from a much older version of the firmware this has added a LCD calibration function into setup to compensate to changes to the LCD's. There are two options a high or low try changing between the two and see if this brings the display back on.
  18. We did at one point have a IR remote in the range but it was discontinued a number of years ago now. Not sure about the universal remotes as they are geared towards TV, DVD etc, but if the information i have is correct try RC5 group 30 as the pairing option.
  19. Hi Craig, Believe i was talking with you at the end of October with regards to this. think we got to the point where we though it was the keypad cause the issue. From our mail trail, I offered to have a look at it you could send the card set back to me, but don't think that happened or if it did it may not have been direct from you as i cant see any further conversations. If you want PM me we can follow up on this.
  20. on these there are ramp adjust pots on the back of the keypad PCB, it sounds like these may be set to high. the way we set them on the bench when building the units was turn preheat on and adjust until you get between 11-12v ac showing on the output. PM me for more details.
  21. Hi Peter, Try checking the contact on the battery holder itself. There is a contact in the base that can become tarnished so does not give a good connection. it can also become bent down so does not make contact. Gently bend this slightly may help. PM me on the address below with the serial number I can work out what version of hardware the desk is running.
  22. From memory the frog section will not do anything until select a fixture, if the desk is defaulted then there will not be any assigned. Do that first from with in Super User, there should be 20 already in the desk by default. Once that is done when you select the fixture it will activate the reset of that section.
  23. KWR88

    Alarm input

    Hi Bert, it is possible that if the dimmer is one of the very first models the Alarm option may not be present on the unit. When you power the dimmer on you should get the firmware version show on the display. Please PM me that on the that the address below and I will check the notes for that version.
  24. Could you pm me on the address below with the units serial number we can take it further from there. Also have you tried to connect to an external monitor and see what that is showing?
  25. Don't normally see that message on an ML desk. It would indicate either attempting to load a show file saved on desk running an older show file or the show file has become corrupted, possible due to a flat battery. Pressing enter should remove the message and allow the desk to operate as normal. If you have loaded an old show then save it under a different name and reload it to cover it to a 4.1v. If its a battery issue check the date and time as this will have reset to a much older one.
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