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  1. KWR88

    Betapack 3 burned transformer

    Hi Ondrej, I believe you have also emailed my colleague Franck Tiesing as well on this. He has forwarded your mail to me. I will make a reply direct to you on this.
  2. KWR88

    Problem with Zero 88 LTC

    the LTC tended to have a built in DMX unit, should be a keypad with a display on the top left of the rack. This has an internal battery that could have failed and is cause the issue that you are seeing. PM on the address below an I can talk you through what you need to look for. Regard Keith Rogers keithrogers@eaton.com
  3. Yes the 100k resistors or the 10uf cap either failed or a dry solder joint on it would be the first place I would start looking at on the mk1
  4. KWR88

    Fixture - Chauvet DJ 4BAR -15ch

    Hi Steve, Please see the attached fixture. it contains the 3, and 15 channels versions. You have not mentioned which desk this for but if it for one of the Zero OS desk then you may find it easier to control but by actually splitting this into four separate fixtures with consecutive DMX addresses. To aid in this there is also a set of four profiles one called master, then pod 2, 3 and 4. You can then set up a group that would allow select the whole fixture quickly. 4 bar.ift
  5. KWR88

    ADJ Vizi Hybrid 16RX

    Please see the attached profile vizi hybrid 16rx.ift
  6. KWR88

    Faulty Beta Pack's V3

    Based on the serial numbers, all the dimmers have 2006 manufacture dates, think it is more likely that a component in the phase detection circuit may have started to break down. For the ERR that sounds like a communication issue between the power PCB and the keypad, could be a link cable problem. For the flickering channels, have the packs been serviced during their life span to check for loose spade for the coils, creep on sockets connections etc? For the transformer issues that you have mentioned, the symptoms associated with this are different to what you have described. Our investigations have shown that this was limited a small batch of dimmers manufacture between late 2014 and early 2015. PM me on the address below. It is worth getting one of the "preheat" dimmer back to us for assessment we can confirm what the issue is. Also can you confirm if the dimmers are running on three or single phase supply.
  7. KWR88

    Fat Frog hangs at boot

    Could you PM the on the address below with the serial of the desk and a copy of the CFT file as well. When you say the desk is not responding do you get any information on the displays or VGA output?
  8. KWR88

    USB Keyboard

    assuming this is a jester 12/24 or a 24/48 then this may be to do with the age of the desk. the early revision (R1) motherboards did not support keyboards. If you go into super user, you should get the desk type and version of OS it is running on, serial number and on the new version of the PCB it should also say R2. if you PM me the s/n i can work out the age and let you know if it a R1 or R2 version if it is not displayed.
  9. KWR88

    Chilli 1210i, No data

    From the information that you have given it sound like DMX receiver has failed. these are surface mount parts so would need to looked at to replace them. if you PM on the address below with your location I can point you at your closest service agent.
  10. KWR88

    Jester 12/24, channels 1-12 full on

    sounds like the identifier switch on the back of the preset PCB may not be on the correct position. PM on the address below to take this further.
  11. KWR88

    Betapack 3 lost dimmers 3-4

    Hi Peter, Hi Peter, I assume you did not get my reply to your direct from Monday. As Ian said this is something we have come across and the easiest solution is to replace the power PCB. If you can PM with a full address will make the arrangements to send you one for your service man to fit.
  12. KWR88

    Q about the Fixture Editor

    No it is not possible to limit the max channel value with the fixture edit tools.
  13. KWR88

    Problems with LCD 3 screen not working

    Hi David, As Jon has said it is looking like a hardware fault. Would need to see the desk to be able to confirm 100%. PM on the address below to discuss the options we have on this.
  14. KWR88

    Frog 2 do not update ZerOs 7.8.2

    hi, Please can you PM on the address below with the desk serial number so I can work out the age of the hardware it will be running on.
  15. pm me on the address below. that sounds like a switch setting on the back of the PCB has moved which is pretty easy to fix.

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