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  1. Is there or will there be a manual for the Frog in Portugues? I'm having a real hard time translating futures and settings as I sold 2 desks in Cabo Verde. I will be going to Cabo first week in November so if it is downloadable (before the departure) it would be a great help thanks Lampy
  2. when it cannot be done by upgrading the system, maybe Zero 88 can invent an extern "Tap Tempo Box" including the female jack which can be connected at the audio/trigger input, with a selector on it to use: or audio or Tap Tempo? I am interested in this (new) feature as well Regards Lampy
  3. Lampy

    Keyboard GO

    why not make it (un) able in the super user function?
  4. Does it already exist? or can you mail me when it does? cause by then I can burn it on cd for my college in Cabo Verde (having only slow internet connections) and translate this for him in Creolo.. Keep up the GOOD work! Regards, Lampy
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