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  1. Perhaps you guys could make a usb intrface to contect to a laptop, and conect the interface to the frog, and then get the frog screen on the laptop, and use the laptop keyboard on the frog, simply by running a special written software on the laptop ? perhaps ? :?



  2. *This may require a bit more thought as it may only be applicable or *necessary on certain monitor screens.


    *From your initial posting:


    *The down arrow scrolls down the screen to the next cue.

    *The up arrow scrolls to the previous cue on-screen.

    *The left arrow goes left on-screen (across the cue settings)

    *The right arrow goes right on-screen (across the cue settings)


    *Which keys would you then use to adjust the currently selected field ?



    I think switching the left and right with the up and down key would do the trick. Pressing left or right moving across the cue settings and up and down change the value at the selected field....


    TrondW 8)

  3. When using keyboard and ext. monitor the arow keys confuse me.

    left and right moves up and down on the monitor and up and down moves left and right ... it would be much easier if you "invert" it.


    To me it makes more sense to move up and down with up and down keys... and the same with left and right...



    Any reason why it's like this?



  4. What if we could turn off "Recording current output levels of the generic channels and fixture brightness parameters (which are recorded by default)", so it wouldn't be recorded??


    Very useful when recording positions and moving chases on subs.

    I always forget to take down the brightness on the moving heads.

    And some times I'll have to record the show while the band are doing sound check, and then they always want some front light...



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