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  1. Did anybody spot the Zero88 fatfrog in the new fantastic four movie?. And not a lamp in site.
  2. Its the old martin protocol, the board makes no sense to me. If the scan accepted dmx then no probs but I'm not spending money on a martin converter for a mess around project in the stores. Found it!! lets see who can build the next huge thing in lighting http://www.milinst.com/DMX/dmxtext.htm
  3. Has anybody out there got a simple way of controling stepper motors.(not via a frog). Ripped an old martin 218 non dmx unit apart for the duck of it and was wondering how would i be able to control the motors say to pan and tilt a video camera. Keep it simple. 8O
  4. Try plugging the desk into another mains supply, if power failed the outlet or circut may be damaged.
  5. GLX

    Cleaning a Frog

    How long did it take to strip the desk and rebuild it? any bits left over?? 8O
  6. I did a show there a few years ago, the desk was straight from flash gorden and crap faded washes. Most of the rig is used as punter lighting. :cry:
  7. By any chance was Speedy anywhere near the desk, he has the touch of death when it comes to lighting. 8O
  8. Well been lazy at a gig the other day, instead of running my dmx snake I jumped into a spare channel on the noiseboy's multi. BUT! unknowen to me the monitor desk was been used for the gig, and yes it happened the monitor noiseboy turned on the phantom power on the channel I was using for the dmx, the nodding buckets and dimmers went mad as a result of 48DC volts attacking there soft bits. Now the fatfrog seemed to get away with no scrapes but I'm down six 6 way dimmers and two mac kryptons. :cry: So fellow lampies ALWAYS RUN YOUR OWN SNAKE!!!! :!:
  9. GLX


    You can pick up 12v bulbs in all car accessory shops
  10. Anything happening in Ireland?
  11. Whats for lunch? lampies never miss catering
  12. The next time you have access to the movers, program all your pallets first then save the show to disk and write protect the disk. Then next time your stuck for time load the disk and bang it out.
  13. So thats what the manual is for! I was using it to stop the dimmer rack from rolling off the stage Very handy for that too 8O
  14. WOW a bit mad on the eyebrow department!!
  15. GLX

    Frog Case

    Keyboard in a 1U drawer at the front, TFT under the desk. Case on wheels easy to push. On the lefthand side of the desk a storage area for pens,disks and pvc.
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