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  1. Bought Frog 2 on ebay, No PS, looks like new, said came from working situation. Connected Jester PS, Keyboard, Mouse to console. Powers up to "Loading Please Wait" on internal screen and goes no further? Nothing comes up on external monitor. Downloaded newest update to USB stick and inserted into USB port closest to network port as instructed. Still goes to same point and do not see USB stick light up? P.S. I have Frog PS and Jester PS, I noticed the Jester PS has more power than the Frog and saw the Frog 2 requires more power so am trying with it. Thoughts?
  2. Looked through the Mac manual and didn't see it?
  3. Really, I didn't think the Mac's had programmable memory in them?
  4. Ok guys need some help here. I am doing a high end event in which the client wants pairs of Mac 250's in 4 different areas of a venue. The areas are not visually connected so I am trying to figure out how to program the memories I want for one area then move to the next area and program it and so on, then connect all the Mac's together with a home run cable going to the console in a hidden area and let the Frog cycle through the memories. What would be my best options?
  5. I tried the edit button but only shows the first 48 channels. I do not see the Macs starting at channel 49. Also I am running OS 9.2.1
  6. Thanks, I will give the edit route a try. I will get back with the results. I'm sure there is much use for the edit button but my actions were to try to get the result with the same key functions as saving a memory.
  7. Not quite sure on this, are you saying I will need to transfer the memory to a pallet to be able to do any editing and still have movement from the remaining lights or that the 9.8 fixed the loss of movement when editing the memory itself. I do appreciate your guys imput back to me on this subject as it has been an ongoing effort for me to try to get this worked out.
  8. If I fire up the lights with a show from a previous gig and want to use some of the memories that are already loaded in the Frog while the scene is paused I take control of lets say two of the lights and adjust their position and focus which stops the lights movement that they were doing before I grabbed them. This is fine but when I go to resave the memory they are on back with my adjustments it overrides the memory and at that point the other lights stop their effect movements and sit still. I need to know how I can make adjustments and not lose the programming on other lights as I am going
  9. As I have some of my lighting guys that are asking me this question to be able to pull up conventional scenes and have the wigglers on the subs. Do I disable the LTP to get a sub of wiggle to not be affected if I also pull up a sub of conventionals?
  10. Is there a way to set a scene with the top row of faders in 24 ch. mode and save that scene to one of the bottom row sliders as that scene? Or does all scenes have to be sent to memory and transferred to a submaster? If so is there a way to skip certain scenes when using the go command?
  11. Is there any remedy to this loss of going back and manually resetting all the movements when editing any thing else?
  12. I lose my movement effcts whenever I try to go back into a memory and re-adjust my fixtures position for a different room using my memories saved for my show. This is only on the memories saved as a scene with an effect. Is there some thing I am doing wrong that can correct this?
  13. Thanks again for the offline editor program. Is there any sight in the future for the visualizer to actually do some pre-show work with? I know everyone wants free downloads but I know ya gotta make some $ at this so if there is one comming and it has a ballpark price tag I would love to hear about it.
  14. I am happy to see this great console get to PC. I also have faith in you guys to get this program to to a visualizer as well. Another great job from the guys at Zero. Performance A&L Systems
  15. Wouldn't setting step 1 of the chase to snap make it do a slow sweep from step one to two and then a fast snap back to one everytime the chase generates?
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