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  1. Daniel

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    I would be appreciated if you could use the external keyboard to select memories also.
  2. When I talk about a cracker I mean a haze machine. 20 submaster pages would be nice but I don't know what that would do to the number of memories available. Is there some way to upgrade the memory in the FatFrog? When it comes to the movement effects I've seen a lot of cool effects on the Azure. I don't know how many and how advanced effects the FatFrog hardware could possibly handle. One thing I lack on the FatFrog is the "spread" function.
  3. I would like to have more than 9 submaster pages. It seems like the submaster display is able to show more than two digits judging from the size of the display. I would like to be able to select some dimmer channels that I never want to include in my memories. For example: During programming I want the cracker to be active so I can see the light emitted from the fictures though I don't want the cracker to be included any of the memories. I want to control it live during the show instead. I can't find a way to get the submaster faders to reload the chase, that is forcing to the chase to start at step one every time I use it instead of the step where I left it the last time I used it. I would also like to program the chase to stop at the last step and not rerun. What about adding some more moving effects than the four basic (h.line, v.line, circle and square) already included? Best Regards, Daniel Andersson Sodermalm Church Stockholm Sweden
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