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  1. Wooops! Sorry Haytech! (Not Haystack!!!!!)java script:emoticon(':oops:')
  2. Thanks Haystack and K-Nine, Yeah, I had a feeling I couldn't pluck out the dim channel from the middle of the fixture's DMX range. The fixture in question is the Elation Power Spot 250 with the dim channel as #10 out of 15. I wanted to do this for speed and convenience. Since I work with a mix of conventionals and moving lights, and since I'm usually not handed the band's set list until an hour before showtime (and always under the bright sun), I have to program very quickly and be able to make changes to a given scene on the fly. Having all dim channels on faders makes this that much easier. Plus, I have the bad habit of leaving the dim wheel at 100% after a quick mid show program adjustment. Then, when I pull down the sub because the band has just moved into a quiet accoustic solo, the moving lights are still strobing away (or whatever) because I've left the damn wheel up. Ok, my fault, I know. It's just easier to see and slam down a fader than press a sequence of buttons and spin the wheel. Sooooo... What does it all mean? Ya got me! My need for speed has led to greed! Perhaps in future updates you might consider the ability to pluck a DMX number from a fixture’s range and softpatch it to a fader. Thanks again, Mark
  3. Hi All, Anyone know if it's possible to move fixture brightness control to a generic fader? I know the wheel does the same thing, it’s just more intuitive to use a fader (I work with a lot of conventionals as well as moving lights). I've had great success doing this with two-channel color changer/faders through tricky fixture definitions and the stealthy use of softpatching. But…. When I attempt to do this with a multi-channel fixture, the board won’t let me softpatch the dimmer channel to a generic handle. Perhaps because the supposed dimmer channel is right smack in the middle of the fixture’s DMX range and can’t be softpatched somewhere else? I’ve even tried redefining the fixture without it’s dim channel (attempting to leave it free for softpatching), but still to no avail. Am I just stuck? Is there a workaround? Perhaps therapy? Or, even worse, did I miss something in the manual? Thanks, Mark
  4. For the FROG series: I know this suggestion has been made, but I want to add my vote: Add a "Tap Sync" (F-key?) button to change a chase rate on the fly. And, to take it a step further, how about an overall live chase modification feature? Perhaps allowing you to non-permanently modify the other aspects of a chase (direction, ramping, and rate type) as well? Here's hopin'! Mark
  5. Drat!! Well... When is the next software version expected? Here's hopin', Mark
  6. Hey All, Been setting up some moving mirror fixtures in the User Fixture Editor and seemingly doing well with it.... Until I tried using the Direction (Forwards/Backwards) feature in the Stage Data window. All other changes I make to the fixture file seems to transfer neatly to the Bullfrog (and the fixtures) when I load it, except this one. When I try reversing the Pan or Tilt in the .ift, nothing changes on the board. The wheels still move the mirror the same way (in my case, the wrong way). Is there something special that needs to be done? What am I missing??? Thanks, Mark Hersey Santa Cruz, CA
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