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  1. I think i might do just that. I would hate to be without the great new features, now that they are available. Thanks for the quick reply Morten
  2. The reason is that i might have to use a rented desk, which is running an older software version. But i believe i have an older version of Phantom Frog stored somewhere, so i can just use that i guess. Thanks Morten
  3. Hi Is it possible to use a show, created with phantom frog v10, on a desk running a previous software version(9.x)? Thanks Morten
  4. I had 6 scanners on fix 1-6 with some position palettes. Then i added another 6 scanners on fix 7-12 and made some palettes with all 12 scanners tagged. Then i unassigned the first 6 scanners and then only 1 palette worked with fix 7-12, and two or three half palettes (only pan(or tilt) changes...) Now i tried to tag only fix 7-12 while saving palettes, but only palette 1 and 5 are working... Strange Morten
  5. A question: If i save some palettes with 12 fixtures tagged(fatfrog), and then remove 6 of the fixtures(unassigned), shouldn't the palettes still work with the remaining 6 fixtures?? Morten
  6. Well i have all fade times set to zero, the problem is simply that the dimmer is to slow. Another thing is that i need it not only as a flash function, but to keep the shutters on and off for a period of time... I am thinking if it is possible to activate a palette and the copy the dmx values to the new fixture and then save that on a palette... (copying fixture data is described in page 4-6 in the frog series operating manual, software vers. 5.0.) (i have 8.1 on my frog...) Morten
  7. I have programmed most of a show with 6 SGM Victory2 scanners using the fixture type file found on zero88.com. The only thing is that in that file, the dimmer is in the brightness parameter and the shutter is in beamshape. And this is also logical. BUT I would like to be able to shut the lights on and off quickly, with the playback X fader. And when i do that now, the dimmer shuts the light off in like 3 seconds or so. And i would like to shut them on and off very quickly, like pressing a switch. So i made a new fixture file with the editor, but can i load it into the frog and use the palet
  8. I know that. But couldn't the selected dmx-adress be output? Or a flash as you mention...
  9. Hi I found a way to change the speed of my chases, live during a show. I simply bought a Boss DB88 digital metronome, and connected the output to the sound input on my fatfrog. Now i can change speed using a dial or i can tap the tempo. It also has a loop function so i can trig the chase a desired number of times. In tap mode i can also run the chase manually. The only negative thing about it (for some users maybe) is that the chases have to run in "bass" mode, so they will all run the same speed... But for disco, it is great, i think. Hope you can use the trick. Morten Mortens
  10. How about, a "live" function in the manual patch. For example, if fader 32 is to be patched, then the channel you wish to patch to it, is output at 100%... pressing"+" turns the next dmx channel on at 100%... Morten
  11. Hi again Thanks for the answer, i understand what you mean, but i would also like to have separate names for the palettes for each fixture group... Morten
  12. Hi there I know the memory capacity is limited on the frogs, but would it be possible to make a set of palettes to each fixture group. For example, a group of 4 giottos as fixture 1-4 which has 24 palettes (of each kind(colour, b/s, posi.)) and perhaps 6 Mac 500's as fixture 5-10 as a second group, with their own set of 24 palettes... I would like that:-) And another thing with the palettes: When flashing submasters continusly(for example a simple manual chase with generic channels 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4 and so on...) and at the same time changing from the current palette to a new one, to b
  13. Hi again By "active palette" i mean the manually selected palette. Not whatever comes from submasters or playback X and so on. For example if the wheel LCD is showing "4", i would like flash button number 4 to flash, when the attribute button is being pressed. The thing with the flash fn button is that when this is pressed to change from "solo" to "flash", it has to go to "off" first. And when it is off, there is not coming any output from, for example, a submaster flash button, being pressed. Result: Blackout. Off course only for a very short moment, but i would like to get rid of th
  14. Hi I am using a fatfrog in a mobile disco and i have some ideas that could improve the desk for this kind of use(and hopefully other kinds too). When pressing an attribute button(beamshape for example) it would be nice if the channel flash button that activates the active palette, if any, were flashing. i know it is already shown in the LCD display, but it would be faster just to press the beamshape button and see which flash button were flashing. This is of course only relevant when the fixtures lights are off, but it would still be nice... Another (quite small) thing that i would
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