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  1. Ok, being a computer programmer myself, I understand the problem. But I have to ask if the format of the ".isf" file is available to public ? Perhaps I could write a utility to read the file, edit values and write them down.
  2. A little introduction ... We are the owners of a FROG desk and have been very happy so far; it has never failed us even to the worst conditions of humidity or summer heat. However, as a desk programmer, I often face the following problem: Our shows average a 150 light scenes per play. Lighting equipment (or distance) is different from theater to theater so I have to make mass changes to certain channel for the whole show. And to make things worse there are times when available time is limited. So I would be very happy to see ... 1. Import/Export the show to a delimited asc
  3. I understand this (BTW, we have a -plain- Frog). I believe memories store Channel data so in the above example I may be able to reassign DMX channels 2 and 7 to Frog channels, but I cannot exchange level data too. Thus I will be able to manually manipulate the DMX channel but during Playback level values would be incorrect. i.e. Scene 1: Channel 1 (10%), Channel 2 (50%), Channel 7 (30%) Scene 2: Channel 1 (90%), Channel 2 (50%), Channel 7 (90%) Am I missing something ?
  4. I am not sure I understand your reply, maybe I was not clear enough. Here is an example of what I mean: Frog Channel 1: Red lights (DMX channel 1) Frog Channel 2: White lights (DMX channel 2) Frog Channel 7: Blue lights (DMX channel 3) I want to exchange Frog Channel 7 with Channel 2 so that I have the fader of the Blue lights next to the fader of Red lights so I can manipulate them with one hand (or because they fit conceptually) There are ALREADY programmed scenes in memories utlilizing those channels. My understanding is that I could do what you suggest BEFORE programming the
  5. I always use the monitor. Very handy. (If only those arrow keys ... ;-)
  6. During this summer I faced a few 'problems' that I wished I had a Utility to solve them. I don't really think it is a must but I decided to write them down. We use a Frog desk for our theater show which have about a 100 lighting scenes utilizing 40 to 48 channels. So I wished I could ... 1. Exchange two frog channels in all programmed scenes so I could relocate faders to my personal taste. The show was initially programmed last year and was not very carefully thought but now that I have time I could optimize it. 2. Replace output level for one channel in all scenes. We play in differ
  7. I downloaded and installed Offline Editor. How do I use it ? [edit] Er, what I actually wanted to ask is if it is just a simulator or it can load and edit an actual show from a disk ?
  8. One more vote for this functionality. i.e. We have recorded a show for a certain play and either we move to different theaters with pre-allocated lines or the crew is not that 'experienced' and makes wrong patches to the cables. It would be really helpful not to have to enter and exit superuser mode in order to find where is 'that' line going to. And time is not on our side as we usually have only less than one night to move-in setup and stabilize before the dawn. Angelos Giannatos RODA Theater
  9. I had a problem with the console not reading the upgrade disk (v7.5). I formatted a disk into the console and then copied the files on it and it worked. It also read a show backup from the previous version (v6.2). Do I have to change the drive because it happened the first time ?
  10. Paul: what I had in mind when I said the above statement is that some multieffect unit manufacturers publish their MIDI implementation and I have seen programmers creating off-line or even real-time editors for specific products (i.e. Roland/Boss units etc). Some of them evolve to really good software. I haven't seen any off-line editors for lighting desks and I am sure such a feature would not help you sell more desks and certainly would be of limited interest to the installed base of your customers. But if the file format of a show backup is not something copyrighted what do you have to
  11. If Zero88 could publish the definition/format of the Show file that is saved on the disk, perhaps a computer programmer could write an off-line editor; I have seen it happen in other products and it does not look that difficult a task to me (being an IT pro) ;-) Angelos
  12. 1. When in OUTPUTS or PREVIEW memory mode I would like to press the CHANNEL FLASH button and the display go to that channel (like when in EDIT mode). 2. Dwell time in CHASE STEPS (different time for each step). 3. When using a PC keyboard and monitor: - Next/Previous scene with Up/Down arrow; to me it is more logical (now goes with left/right arrows !). - Next/Previous field in same Scene (line) with Left/Right arrow. - Direct value input with Numeric Keypad. - Increment/Decrement field value with Plus/Minus keys and perhaps Full value with the Asterisk. - Function keys F1-F6 perh
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