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  1. Am I the only one who needs "Store"-Tagging Matrixes ???
  2. pollywog

    SX Buttons

    Hello developer team ! feature request: SX-Buttons needed at Bull-Frog, Fat-Frog, Frog ... Spec: no Function @ Pallete & Brightnesmaster at release 10.9 --> SX-Button usage: F1 & Brightnes / Brightnes & Button 1..24/48 --> SX-Buttons are related to Pages 1..20 of Submasters. Result in Doing Shows, activated F1&Brighnes you have DIRECT-ACCES to: 1..12/24 Submasters and 1..24/48 SX-Buttons. (20 Pages) This makes the Frog Range to a powerfull Direct Acces Lighting desk. Having 36/60 ! possibilties to start scenes / pictures / chases with only one click!!! (with 10.9. it are only the submasters with 12/24 Buttons. this is to less! for all the other possibilities (pallets, memories) it takes to much time and to much fingers and click (also no fades) to work) Programming / Editing. * The SX-Buttons are releated to the Submasters * If Submaster-Button is activated and you press and hold Brightness and 1..24/48 Button everyhing tagged ist stored * Submaster Display in Monitor --> after the 1..12/24 Submaster informations the 1..24/48 SX-Buttons Informations are added chosing Submasters: Submasterbotton is activated, press and hold Brigthnes, button 1..24/48 ... edit Fadetimes, .... just as done with the Submasters now. Why we need this: If using Movings and generics 12/24 Submasters are to less! In onetime events with bands with now setlist and not known which song is the next you have to be very fast in getting what you have in mind and put it to the stage. e.g. they start with smooth song, you have to get a picture with no moves, stopped rotating Gobos and Prismas, red generics I try to compare with 10.9 and the SX-Buttons: (sory, doing a table here is difficult) goal-----#-------------10.9 (F1 & Pallet is activ)-----#-----SX-Buttons (F1 & Brightness is active) goal pos (*)-----#----[Positon], [15]------------#----------[06] goal stop rot-----#---[beamshape], [12]-----#------------[13] goal gobo-----#------[23]---------------------#-------------[18] goal color-----#------, [22]-----------#-------------[22] --> in 10.9 you have to press 7 Buttons to get the picture to the stage with the FX-buttons it is done with 4! And (*) your movings are going with a fade to the destinations!! ok. i can do the fade of the movings with a memory. pressing e.g [1][0][0][enter][go] meenig additonal 3 more instead of [position],[15] clicks :-( Finaly: The power of a desk for oparators like me which have lots of one time shows is to combine the prepared "pallets" of: color, gobo, goborot, prisma, prismarot,position and fadetime, effect-speed-sizey/y, effect-rot-angele, strobes, by just pressing one button !!! for getting the prepared "pallete / sub" --> with the described spec we users get that --> --> 24/48 additional FX-Buttons this makes live operating much more comfortable. best regards pollywog Moderation: topics merged
  3. Hello devolper Team ! Is there an additional Release after 10.9 for the first Frog-Range in work? with new features, not only bug-fixes ? best regards pollywog
  4. I think the way could go like this: Save show to flopy (or is leap Frog having other medium) put it on the PC. Start Program: Show to csv, done. The Zero88 Team just has to catch some student who wants get some practice semester. --> Programmin incl. short doku should be done in 1-2 Months.
  5. Nice to know that Leap Frog Desks can do this know. The featuere is wished since 2,5 years ago for the Frog Range too. Is it planed for the Frog Range ?
  6. I like selective tagging down to channel level. However I miss to store and use stored tagged informations. e.g. just to store pan, tilt, color. or effects like ellipse .... combinations of colour, pan, tilt I am thinking about an additional Desk Setup point to extend the Fixture Group button. on / off extend Group Button Tagging. off: Group Button works as up to 10.9 on: Group Button stores the Fixtures and all the tagged Channels when stored. using the Group Pallet will tag all the stored Channels, and untag all the not stored Channels. (also Generic tag information are stored there) e.g. Group Pallete 1 is containing only Generics 1..12 e.g. Group Pallete 2 is containing only Generics 13..48 e.g. Group Pallete 4 is containing Fixture 1..24 all channels e.g. Group Pallete 5 is containing Fixture 1..24 only color channels ... e.g. Group Pallete 6 is containing Fixture 1..24 only pan tilt ... e.g. Group Pallet 20 is containing Fixtuere 1..6; Generics 1..12 it is also allowed to store no tagged informations meaning only the Fixture "Button" itself is stored e.g. Group Pallet 23 Fixture odd (without any tag) e.g. Group Pallet 24 Fixture even (without any tag) Programming Memories, Subs, Palletes will go like: Creating the Picture you like Press and hold Group Button, and [5] Button ( chose destination Submaster / Memory) [Programm] Button will only store color channels
  7. Hello together, How can I clear a pallet ? Situation: I did some experimiments with Effects and stored it to pallet 1..12 Now only 2, 7, and 8 are needed in the show. Just using them started via pallet. If I press the Pos Attribute 1..12 are lightning, Telling me they are programmed. To get 2,7, and 8 easy in the show I woul like to clear 1,3..6,9..12 How can I do that ?
  8. Hi Zero88 team, with 10.9.1 90% are done. Pressing the preview Button in Patch menu --> great. I was wondering when i keept the preview button pressed and increased / decreased the dmx Channel that it is working added. Meaning not only one channel is going with 100% to DMX out, all the previos channels are als at 100% DMX Output. Could you change it that only the active DMX number Chanel is on 100% Thanks pollywog
  9. Yep Zerro 88 Team ! Thanks vor 10.9. !!! I Just used it at the last weekend :-) * The Preview while patching makes live so much easier. Also in future as the next jobs in new houses where I have to use to installed Lihgts are booked. * Tracking off yeah, now I control the frog again and not the frog controls my Lightshow Looking forward to get the next releases ..... on the way to the suggest a featuere Thems :-) pollywog
  10. Hello Zero88 Team ! I just recognized an entry in the Light Converse Forum: http://lightconverse.net/lc/lc_forum.htm LightConverse and Phantomfrog from Peter (looks like he is working for zero88) Unfortunately Phantom Frog is locked down so that it will not output any DMX. Therefore, Light Converse won't work with Phantom Frog. Question: Are the Frog releases still developed for Phantom Frog too ?
  11. Easier, and also fixed for the next show: switch to Memory View [Memory Button] use up / down Buttons: Yellow Line is over Green Line press [Edit Button] press the Fog Generic Flash button enter new Value via Keyboard press [Edit Button] again That`s it. Or am I wrong ?
  12. Situation: In all custom houses I work i could not get any DMX-Plan about the used DMX-Channels. At the last production it took me 1,5 hour doing the DMX-Patch for the house. (Bullfrog 10.8) How i did it: - knew used Channels are between 001 and 150 - put Bullfrog in Wide Mode - Auto patch 1 to 96 - connect to House-DMX - pull each fader to see whats happen in the house - write down on a paper what dmx-channel is what (there was no structure in the house 6er bars were not continous numberd ...) - after DMX-Channel 96 - Auto patch 96 to 150 - pull each fader to see whats happen in the house again - write down on a paper what dmx-channel is what - Put a stiky tape ahead the generics, write down the needed DMX-Channels ahead the channels - enterd 110 times DMX-Channels in the manual Patch :-( (40 I did not use) Suggestion: I would like to do it thatway: - Desk Setup; DMX-Patch; Live Generic Wheel Patch (new Menu-Line) - Using Thumb Wheel is increasing/decreasing DMX-Unisvers A - Using 1stFinger Wheel is increasing/decreasing DMX-Universe B (If Thumb is on e.g. 45 and 1st Finger moved Thumb is set to "0" and otherwise) Live: all DMX-Values are "0", only the selected one is on 100% (255) Patching: -Pressing Generic Button (Goal for DMX-Channel), afterwards store (not keeped the generic Button hold :-( )) Time Compare: With the described Method it is done within 15-20 minutes instead of 90 minutes. Why I know this ? If there are no Movings in the set I Use a MA24 / MA48 where patching is working like that, however the desk was developed 15 Years before the Frogs :-( Other Frog Useres: please post here also yes, I need this too (if so) to show the Zerro 88 Team that this is a needed feature for all the operaters touring or working in different houses ...
  13. Bullfrog 10.8; fully Partial mode, Situation: 96 generic channels; 24 Movings need to store Memory, Submaster, Pallette. partial. pressing Output, to see whats going out of the desk pressing shift (oldname: whelgroup) --> get an information what to be stored partial about: 96 generics but only about one Fixture :-( and the fixture only in DMX-Values / Pxx (xx = Palette) number. Suggestions 1) I need an Overview about all 24 Fixtures and Parameters 1.a) --> Additional Output View with 25 x 24 Matrix about Fixtures: e.g. POS: pan tilt speed focus effect sizex sizey speed offset rot Beam: ... ... Colour: ... ... ... --> getting an Information pressing shift which parameter is not stored showing "--" 2) as most of my pallets are named: --> if fixture e.g. is on pallete P40 named with blue --> display blue insteas of P40
  14. Situation: BullFrog 10.08 120 Genirc DMX adresses some Desk Channels have to serve 2 or more DMX adresses. --> done in Manual Patch with insert Button. How can I delete the inserted DMX Adresses ?
  15. Situation: Bull Frog 10.08 Memories 20 to 60 programmed, with Times, Jumps .... I need to copy all the 20 to 60 Memories to copy on e.g 120 to 160. How can I mark a Block and copy it to the destinan. Are the Jumps corrected ?
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