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  1. Thanks Paul for your reply. I think it may be best if we return the desk back to you to try and sort out, I do believe it is still under guarantee? Should I send it back for your attention? Thanks
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    Hi Andy, Not much help I know, but I had exactly the same problem with a LeapFrog quite recently. Perhaps there is a common problem with them? Kev
  3. Hi There, We have an early version of the Fat Frog (S/N:0073301 xxxxxxx, April 2001)which we now have a few problems with and the desk is unusable. 1) The first problem appears to be with the patching. Everything is patched 1 to 1 but none of the channels will go to full and when you bring up one channel another channel responds aswell, though not to full. Also, when you bring up a channel fader a different channel responds. The fixture section for movers is fine. 2) The second problem arose when I tried to resolve the first. I thought I would install the new software release. It took seve
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