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  1. Thanks Paul for your reply. I think it may be best if we return the desk back to you to try and sort out, I do believe it is still under guarantee? Should I send it back for your attention? Thanks
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    Hi Andy, Not much help I know, but I had exactly the same problem with a LeapFrog quite recently. Perhaps there is a common problem with them? Kev
  3. Hi There, We have an early version of the Fat Frog (S/N:0073301 xxxxxxx, April 2001)which we now have a few problems with and the desk is unusable. 1) The first problem appears to be with the patching. Everything is patched 1 to 1 but none of the channels will go to full and when you bring up one channel another channel responds aswell, though not to full. Also, when you bring up a channel fader a different channel responds. The fixture section for movers is fine. 2) The second problem arose when I tried to resolve the first. I thought I would install the new software release. It took several attempts for the disc to actually read and virtually complete but when it gets to the end it falls over with the following message: Validating:dxk.exe Failed System Terminated. The desk will now not boot up as it has not got an operting system on it. I was reading on the forum that some of the early desks had disc drive problems which could be why this is happening but am puzzled as to the other reason. Any advice would be appreciated as we cannot use the desk at the moment. Thanks Moderation: serial number removed.
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