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  1. dampsaga

    fat frog

    Hi! Thank`s Jon
  2. dampsaga

    fat frog

    Hi! I`v got a Fat Frog and i wonder if it`s possible to use the fixture part of the desk to controll a generic channel. Ex a PAR 64 from DMX adress 49, just the lamp. K:)
  3. Hi! I am looking for a new desk and wonder if anyone could give me some advise wich of these desks would be the best buy. At the time i am working on a FAT FROG but now i have been looking at the new LEAP FROG or maybe FROG 2. Kalle
  4. Hi! I am using a Fat Frog to do all kinds of jobs in a city called Steinkjer and it is in the midle of Norway.
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