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  1. Martin, a few questions What is the content of your two sets of memories is it generics and movers? Why do you have to trigger two cues at once? Do you always want to trigger the two cues together (if so then combine them) What type of show are you programming? It is difficult to suggest solutions if we don't fully appreciate the problems. Go on, give some of that long explanation a shot Pearl
  2. You would probably be better to get a DMX merge unit to combine the output DMX signals from the 2 Frogs. The 5 pin connectors provide 2 identical signal lines from a single 512 channel DMX output. Linking the two desks together with a male to male 5 pin XLR is more likely to damage the output stages of one or both of your desks. Pearl
  3. Martin, there is possibly another way to program what you would like to do. though without the long explanation, I don't know if this will help at all It won't allow you to control fade times between each cue but would let you step through a sequence of cues on up to 15 memory stacks at a time with one GO button first off, build a chase in a memory position with each step being one of your memories i.e step one is memory 1 step 2 - memory 2 etc Set the FX trigger onto manual step and load the completed chase of however many steps onto one of your submasters. Repeat as above for the other cue stack that you want to run and then you will have two memory stacks that can be triggered with a common GO button. If you use the F3 function to select the appropriate submaster while stepping through the different chases then you can get individual control of each cue stack as well. You can also combine the use of the sub chase stacks with the normal memory playback if you need fade times on one of the sets of memories To have control of the fade times between the steps of the chases would be a function that benefit the Frog enormously for busking shows with moving lights but I suspect it would require a bit of a tinkering on a serious amount of software. you would need another kind of animal to do that sort of thing :wink: pearl
  4. Pearl

    9.8 problems

    I had a similar problem with the keyboard. after setting up the remote switches to use them from the keyboard for jumping to cues, the keyboard would let me use the navigation and enter keys and also the remote switches but I couldn't type in numbers to get to jump between cues on the memory stack or to edit timing values for playbacks. Rebooting the desk solved the problem and I havn't been able to make it do the same thing since. Pearl
  5. Well pointed out sp! The original disk(s) that I was using had been formatted on the frog itself and were all in proper working order. The desk eventually responded to loading 9.8 again in exactly the same way as I had been doing using the same disk. Possibly trying to load 9.6 over the failed attempts of 9.8 proved too much for the desk. But it is now working using the new software and I can do the editing that I originally had to do... which brings up some other points but I should probably start another thread. Thanks for the comments Pearl
  6. I have been unsuccessfully trying to upgrade my Fat Frog to the newest operating software. The current setup is an ST2 board with BIOS version 5.0.1 dated 22/10/2001 09:14:10, Firmware version C806. I have been running software version 9.6 for a few months now with everything operating as well as can be expected. I have downloaded version 9.8 and followed the instructions for installing this onto the desk. The desk goes through the motions of installing the new software i.e installing the OS files, getting confirmation from the LCD panel then loading files. When the disk is removed and the desk rebooted it is telling me that no OS system is found and there is a Checksum error Apparently the desk is expecting a value of 0x23ACAA85 and has got a checksum value of 0x4FCE55EF. The desk now just sticks on a DOS type operating screen and will not recognise a boot disk or load an operating system I have tried different disks and downloading the software again but none of this has helped matters. So, anyone else had this problem? or does anyone have any helpful suggestions. cheers Pearl :? OK, so now I have tried reinstalling the old version software (9.6) again. The desk recognises that it is a OS upgrade disk and will do the first stage of loading the software. It then comes up with a message telling me that the system is terminated and claims it has been trying to load software version 13.1.53 :!: The end result is that the desk will not load any operating system and doesn't look like it will be much use for going back out on tour at the end of the week.
  7. Thanks for that Paul. After a bit more programming and experimentation, I have got this to work properly. I think that I must have been over riding the programmed step change speed with the FX playback speed control when checking over my cues. Starting the chase with the speed pot set higher than the programmed speed (so that the chase speed is not picked up) lets me use the sub playback step button for manual stepping through the chase keeping the programmed LTP fades
  8. Do the LTP fade times attached to chases apply to LTP fades between steps of the chase or just to the initial step when the chase is played back as a memory? I am using a Fat Frog with version 9.6 software to control a mixture of moving heads and scans for a touring show and would like to be able to set up a chase which will step through position pallettes using the manual function in the drive control so that the movers will change position at a set speed when the step button is pressed. I have programmed this and found that despite setting the the position changes to FADE and setting a fade time of 5 seconds, the positions will snap between states when the step change is triggered. As I am already using the memory playback for other cues I can't make this work by making a stack of cues and stepping through them with the GO button. Also although I can set the motor speed on my MAC250's to produce a fade, I can't on the scans so that won't really work either Does anyone have any (helpful) suggestions :?:
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