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  1. Angelic

    Wheel Problems

    Hi guys and gals, I'm back with more questions I'm afraid! First of all, I hope that you're all very well, and that 2005 has been a prosperous and interesting year for you all so far! I've been away for quite a while, but we've moved house so I'm finally getting back on my feet!! But enough about me :wink: . A while ago I had the far right thumb wheel break down on my Fat Frog. Unprovoked as far as I know, however it's been suggested that I carry out the repair myself (I do a fair bit of that!). I'm waiting on a price from someone for a new wheel assembly, but I thought that I would just pop a post in here to see if any of you have any tips for doing this. Anything I need to watch out for? Anything I should do/not do? It's my first time inside this particular desk, so any help is appreciated!! Cheers guys! Rich.
  2. But we renumerate you with love and happy vibes - look: :wink: Oh, £20! It would be a veeeeery useful thing to have, and I believe people, myself included, would be willing to part with a bit of cash
  3. Ahhh, it's deeper than I thought! Cheers!
  4. Morning guys 'n' gals. Now, after using my Fat Frog with the keyboard the other day it finally (took a while to sink in :? ) struck me as to how hard it was to do anything with the keyboard arrow keys. It occured to me that on the memories page (didn't venture into the rest of them) when I want to scroll up and down the screen to select memories/change time values etc. I have to use the left/right arrows, and when I want to go left/right on the screen I have to use the up/down arrows. Now, it may just be me being thick but is there any actual logic to this? Is it possible to change the arrow key orientation as it were? Ta, and greetings to all in Wales, Rich.
  5. Lovely, thanks for considering it
  6. I should have thought that one FROG speed for overall position would suffice!
  7. Evening all, I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but one thing I would like to see is separate speed controls for all aspects of the FROG function. I was using my fabulous Fat Frog the other night, and I thought to myself how good it would be to have the movement on my wigglies to be fast, but to have a slower random colour change, or vice-versa. I hope I've explained this well enough to understand :wink: Cheers, Rich.
  8. I don't know what advanced features you may have in mind, but the monitor is quite possibly one of the best features for me - especially with naming the scenes, navigating with my keyboard and then pressing the Go button - it's much easier than writing down what all of your cues are, especially for live/impromptu shows! I say keep the monitor, and the more features for it the better, but as Pipo said - it may come to a time when you've got so many features some will just have to be unique to the monitor for space reasons! Regards, Rich.
  9. Not really the solution you're looking for - but writing a fixture file from scratch is very easy with Zero 88s fixture type editor! If you're having trouble, feel free to email me or pm me with the data and I'll see what I can do :wink: Regards, Rich.
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