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  1. I've not played with that desk so I'm presuming you can remove the boards from inside with the flash buttons intact. I would then give them a thorough dowsing of a good switch cleaner with a fine extension spray nozzle such as Servisol getting the nozzle into the small hole you'll find on the sides of the switch. (Watch out that you don't knock the tops off and lose the very tiny springs.) Keep repeatedly pushing the switch a few times and allow to dry out before and powering up. That ought to get a number of them working. If not, contact Keith Rogers at Zero88 to see if these switches are still available. Good luck ....... Robin
  2. I'm assuming that by 'no control' even the grand master is not controlling it? If so, its unlikely to be the desk so the first thing is to find out of you are running analogue or DMX? Also are the lamps DMX or driven from a dimmer pack? If analogue the first thing to check out is the control cables and connectors making certain you have no shorts between circuits or screen of the connectors. If the devices are attached to a dimmer, that could also be the cause of the problem. However, if grand master does affect the channels in question, then it may be dodgy faders. If you contact Keith Rogers at Zero88 he will be able to advise on spares. If you can't resolve it, please post back with more detail of the packs, lamps and answers to the above so that we can help tie the problem down. Robin
  3. Hi Robin. I think you need Light Factory. Best wishes ........ Robin
  4. If its like my Sirius 500, it most likely to be the batter(ies)? on the main board and/or slave. They are a few pounds each and easily replaced if you can use a soldering iron. Robin
  5. Excuse my butting in, but we have seen similar problems with other LCD screens (Probably from the same factory) when the autoclocking is trying to sync the resolution with the signal from the PC and continually failing and therefore recycles. Most screens you can set the resolution manually so if you know what res' the Jester is outputting, you can set in manually using the following table. Resolution -- V. Freq -- H. Freq 640x480 ---- 59.94 ---- 31.47 800x600 ---- 56.25 ---- 35.16 800x600 ---- 60.32 ---- 37.88 1024x768 --- 60.00 ---- 48.36 1280x800 --- 59.81 ---- 49.702 You will have to check the manual for the monitor to see how you set it. I hope this helps ....... Robin
  6. Hi folks. Any thoughts as to how best to clean a Sirius 500 desk? Its not particularly dirty but has a layer of dust and the grime that comes from being handled. In particular all the button and slider knobs are grubby and the plastic surround to the desk is marked. Clearly I do not want to use anything that will affect the electronics or lift transfers etc. Many thanks ....... Robin
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