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  1. There was in earlier messages the question to increase the number of palettes. Perhaps it can be possible to increase it by making 4 pages. perhaps it would be possible to use the f1-f4 buttons for increasing the number of palettes. Otherwise the increasing from 24 up to 48 would be fine (for Leap Frog), then there would be also no problem with the screen design. And another idea would be to make a selective programming, so that you can program only a colour, beamshape or position to a scene. For example, you will program only beamshape and position and leave the colour unused? An example where it would be neccessry to increase the number of palettes is the position palette. You can program some fixed positions and then you might need to program some positions with moving effects in slow or fast, circle,..... so there you need very fast a very high number of position palettes. Or another example is the color palette. You can program fixed colors and (f.e. we have 16 Varyscan 4 and 8 Varyscan 6) so you might want to have several palettes of different colors and the easiest way of programming is to make a palette f.e. red-yellow-red,..... instead of using fixed only red or fixed only yellow and program then on a cue. Sometimes its neccessary to use only the palettes in the shows and don't use the cues. Regards Thomas PS: And the shift button is fine! So you would have 48 palettes also on the Leap Frog. And I think for the Bull Frog with 48 its just fine (same as Mambo Frog) If that could be done in the next updates it would be great.
  2. Hello Group, does anyone know when Zero 88 will make a software upgrade for the Frog-Series? I am looking forward to have the storing of the movements parameters on the pallets. Else I only could say, the Leap Frog is one of the best and easiest console to program and work with! I think Zero 88 did make a good job. And also a big Plus is, that you have a community to share ideas with here in the net. Bye Thomas
  3. Hello, I have a Leap Frog and tryed to program a movement on the position pallet. I can edit everything well but after I record it to the Pallet nothing happend. Is there no possibility to program a movement on the Pallets? Thanks for help Thomas
  4. tk11de


    Hello Sarah, what kind of Frog-console do you have? I guess it depends on the type of console! Greets Thomas
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