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  1. Hi There I notice that there are three broken links on the Forum header bar between the Search box and the (language?) flags. I had a related problem when trying to reset my password - the (captcha?) image would not display. (Fortunately I remembered my password.) I am currently using Google Chrome. Checking other browsers ... In Internet Explorer, I also see broken links at zero88.com/forum - they show OK on the home page. In Firefox, on the home page, I can see the icons are for Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, but on the forum page they are not shown - just empty toolbar. Rechecking Chrome, it is the same: the lnks only show broken at zero88.com/forum. Regards Q
  2. Who would be able to tell me what I (we) would need to connect this up - in addition to the unit itself?
  3. We have our Chillipro2416i installed in a cupboard. In order to edit the memories, I have to squeeze myself in at an odd angle to look at the control panel. What are the options available to me (us) that would permit me to edit the memories away from the unit? This would be particularly useful, as it would enable me to see what the channels were doing at the same time. Regards Q
  4. Yes. We have two - one on the balcony with the AV systems and one at the back of the worship area. We use them to select one of the twelve programmed memories. The system supplied obviously has these three sequencing programs and I wanted to understand whether this was something I needed to understand so that I could use it.
  5. Thanks for your reply, Paul. I have the manual. Presumably I could have - at its simplest - a sequence of three: 'Before the service', 'During the service' and 'After the service'. I would then (say "next") at the appropriate points? (By 'say "next"', I mean select the next step in that particular sequence.) Echo
  6. We have a ChilliPro2416i in our church building to control the lights in the main worship area. I have managed to programme the 12 memory locations - so we have different light combinations available for services and other 'events'. I am having difficulty understanding how we would use the sequencing function. Is there a tutorial somewhere that would help me understand this better - in case it is something that we could use?
  7. In order to place this controller on our tech balcony, what would we need (in addition) to install this? Presumably we would need to ask the guys who fitted the ChilliPro to come back.
  8. Our new Church Building has a ChilliPro 2416 installed to illuminate our main worship area (MWA). I have programmed a number of scenarios into the 12 memories - whilst leaning at an angle in the cupboard :!: but I haven't fathomed the sequencer yet. There are a number of remote 10-button control panels installed, but it would be really useful to be able to dynamically adjust the lighting (outside the preprogrammed scenarios) - depending upon the activity in the MWA - from the technician's balcony. The ChilliPro is downstairs and the balcony is upstairs, what equipment would we need to be able dynamically re-programme the scenarios/memories? (I can see that the ChilliPro has a CAT5 shaped hole at the bottom of the unit.)
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