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  1. If the forum was run under different software this would be easy. However Invision and vBulitin charge for the software.
  2. This site is also not Opera Compatable (there was a Big debate about this on The Blue Room).
  3. you can do this easily. The two fixtures will do exataly the same. Addres 500a as 001 and 500b as 001, assign Fixture one to dmx 001 500c as 020 and 500d as 020, assign Fixture two to dmx 020. Theses adrrese are made up on the spot cos I cant rember how many channels a Mac 500 takes. Basically you can have as many ligth assigned to one fixture as you like as long as: [*]you dont mind them doing the same thing and [*]you addres them to the same dmx addres. Hth Kal
  4. Yeah, yeah we all know you just stick a pin in the list to decide which ones to add .
  5. If there is any chance of a Word version as I dont have Corel Ventura, then I would be happy to put some time into adding the tags and bookmarks.
  6. Is it possible to add bookmarks and "Tags" to the pdf, to make it more Pocket PC and Palm Pilot Friendly? If not then can some one send me an editable version so that i can do it myself then Post it up here. Thanks, P.S. PM for an e-mail addy.
  7. LOL, I see your problem, but if it was locked through the desk lock code, then it would be bypassable but not by the techs at school as they dont know that they can get the code off you :twisted: Thanks for the reply, (even if it did take a while )
  8. Damn you beat me to it :roll:
  9. a simple answer is it is dependant on the smoke machine If the some machine is DMX controlled then yes it can be pached to a Frog and run as either a normal fader or a generic fixture. It will need to be addresed. However some smoke machines use a 0-12V signal that would not be compatable, and probably damage the fat frog
  10. I like the idea of a random chase function or just the ability to put a shape onto generic channels. When all I want is to chase them from one side to to annother it seems a bit of a pain to have to right a chase
  11. Nooooo not another thing that can BSOD. :cry:
  12. I think the game should be able to be disabled through super user as i work in a school where some of the techies spend very little time doing anything else!!!
  13. Well i was hopping for an un biased Opinion do probably not no
  14. I am at school and we use VR8's alot we have hust got a fat frog is it any good for VR8 control or should i use the Abstract desk?
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