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  1. seams a good target for a new frog 2 would be the avo pearl. a step up in price and features from the frog but not trying to compete with a hog. should be laid out like a frog is now. seams a good target market to me.but hey im a soundman so what do i know
  2. would be a way of creating basic sceens without using subs
  3. yea i was hoping to patch the same address to different faders is this something that could possible be in an upgrade of software? if so i'll put in my vote for it
  4. is it possible to patch the same output to more than one fader say fader one controls outputs 3,5,7 and fader two controls 1,5,8 if possible then with board in wide mode channels 1-24 could be patched as normal and 25-48 could be patched as basic scenes giving you more options with your show while using your subs for your automated lights
  5. :twisted: :twisted: ignor the stupd and praise the frog
  6. gusrocks

    2 step

    thanks for the help hope a single run chase mght be in the works would be very helpful
  7. gusrocks

    2 step

    i need a 2 step sequance that always starts at same point and ends at same point. example step one positions moving lights center stage and step 2 moves them to a fanout in the crowd. must be controled from a submaster. i do not want it to repete like a chase. just the 2 steps each time i select the submaster.
  8. as stated in my original post the object was to not have to waste subs
  9. but the catch is i want to be able to program normaly and just be able to use the fader between songs to fade up a little light on stage
  10. say i have 2 studiocoulor fixtures being used as front lighting could i patch say chanel24 to the corisponding dmx channel of those fixtures dim channels would like to be able to turn them on between songs with a ch fader so i dont have to program like that on all 9 sub pages. would this work as a highest takes precedence between the fader and what is programmed in mems or subs basically the same dmx ch controlled from 2 different sources
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