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  1. I have a Fat Frog desk here with a coupe of faults. They are: * Video output is noisy - causing the text to "rip" and "shiver" on the screen. * Whilst all the faders work ok, when you move some (say channel 1), a value of another fader (say channel 6) will jump up and down and often not return to zero. This appears to happen right across the board. The other channels value may only jump up and down by a small value, or sometimes more. I haven't had the desk apart yet, but this sounds like either a PSU issue (failing/noisy output) or a grounding problem. Any pointers please? I am a qualified electronic service engineer, so can tackle most faults. Many thanks, Dan
  2. I have a Sirius 24 analogue only desk for sale, in good condition and recently serviced. Could anybody give me a guide price on what this might go for, so I can "pitch" it correctly? I gather e-bay would be the best place? Thanks, Dan
  3. A quick question: I am on the lookout for a suitable reasonable-priced desk for a school installation I am doing. It needs to control 36 dimmer channels as well and this is important - be suitable for the easy control of a couple of intelligent lighting fixtures such as the Martin MAC500. When I mean easy I mean ideally have a pan/tilt ball or joystick and have features geared towards moving yoke/mirror lights. Any recommendations? The school have rushed ahead and ordered a Jester and I'm not sure this is going to be suitable or a good option.. Thanks, Dan
  4. I am upgrading an existing system and I need to run DMX alongside an existing analogue installation. I plan to install the Demux 24 to enable the existing analogue betapacks to be used with a DMX desk. I need to leave the existing Sirius 24 and analogue system in place so this can be used as well. I plan to parallel up the analogue outputs of the Sirius and Demux, so either can control the Betapacks. I gather this can be done, since the Sirius has blocking diodes on its outputs. I assume the Demux wont complain either? I thought I'd better ask in case I've missed something important! Thanks, Dan
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