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  1. I found that if you Re-Install the OS it helped fix my issue.
  2. Situation is to save my scene.....then during show... "live" manual edit of independent fixtures brightness per performer rider.....utilizing the Coemar Panorama Cyc 250, and Robe 575 XT Moving Heads. ( Zero 88 support said use Partial Mode) Nope! This does not work..... and a bonus question: Why in the World .....can we say on a very "value priced" conrtroller, you can edit fade rates "live" between scenes with a manual fader control ....and this is not possible when programming submasters??????? :x :x :x or is there a trick???? AND I AM NOT SPEAKING ABOUT PRE-PROGRAMMED FADE TIMES IN MEMORIES. It just does not make sense a cheap controller has this function and the Froggies DO NOT.......HELP ME PLEASE! :mrgreen: There has to be a way!! Thanks and Peace!
  3. Aldrin

    Off Line Editor

    :roll: I know what would be great! :roll: A home desktop computer program where you can install it on your computer and then in the program you create the variables for your scene. Stage size, Fixture type, Placement, and others. Also you would have all the functions of the frog controller right there on the program too. Then you could set your scenes up and save them into a show file to load into the frog controller at the gig. Thus all the program time is cut down for people who change stage setups often. Plus you can come up with tons of other looks and actually spen some time being artistic and creative. I hope I could do this at work and get paid but if I have to do it in my spare time I know I would! How bout you?
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