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  1. Hello have anybody the Fixture JB Vary LED for a Fat Frog? ET
  2. Hello ! I´ve download the fixture library 18 and i´ve got some problem. When i open the library it shows the error: This is not a user fixture typefile. Can anybody help me ? Have anyone the fixture JB Vary LED 84 ?
  3. ET

    Fat Frog

    Thank you for Help, The Fixture Parameters was wrong. It`s OK. The Fixture from Kirkup_xp is OK. Thank you very much for the fast Help
  4. ET

    Fat Frog

    I`m create with the fixture editor myself. It´s an showtec Explorer 250 wash.
  5. ET

    Fat Frog

    Hello I`ve got a problem with my Fixtures Programm. If I push the Home Button all DMX Settings go to 255. ET :x
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