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  1. Sparky

    Adding a macro to control channel data

    You should record your smoke cues on a separate cue stack and then trigger them from your lighting cue stack by writing in the macro e.g. g2 this will trigger the go button on stack 2. etc etc
  2. Sparky

    Mixing Effects

    Yes you can, from the effects palette window open the effects window and untag the tilt so only pan is assigned! Do the same for the tilt by untagging the pan! I work usually in the same way and it works perfectly!!
  3. Sparky

    Some Software Feature requests

    Or else program your scene onto a memory and transfer it to the submasters!!!
  4. Sparky

    LCD Type Size

    Sorry but i really disapprove!!!! it is much clearer like this!!
  5. Sparky


    to update the desk you need to first insert the usb in your pc, unzip the file and run the install program on your pc. Then you need to insert the usb in the desk and switch it on! Attention you need to connect a monitor cause the update instructions are only visible on the external monitor!!
  6. Sparky

    Fade to Position or Color

    You can set the internal time from the Special Page to your desired fade time, then press the time button together with the palette button and the transmission of the palette fades to the given time!! i personally use a fade time of 3 sec cause if i want it longer i have all the time to enter in the special page and change that time!!!
  7. Sparky

    Change flash button mode per fader

    No but you can leave everything to flash and use the shift+the flash buttons to select the desired fixture patched on the preset faders!!
  8. Sparky

    Expanding the UDF's with the DMX in

    Any board will work. i personally use a Juggler or a jester!!
  9. Sparky

    Crash on Turn Into Chase

    Did you have smart tag switched on?
  10. Sparky

    Software Upgrade

    do you have a monitor attached to the desk?
  11. Sparky

    Submaster Board for Leap 48

    i was just thinking if this could be implemented!?
  12. Sparky

    Submaster Board for Leap 48

    is it possible use the dmx in to trigger certain submaster or memory cues!!??
  13. Sparky

    Submaster problems

    Hi, First of all great desk! Problems i found that when flashing submasters the reaction of the button has quite a delay! Another thing is that sometimes the fixture position and colour do not get released when submaster is at 0%, it would be great if it would work all the time :-) Thanks
  14. Sparky


    Hi I loved the new upgrade on the frog 2. the release of the udf's is really good. I was asking if it can be more specific like release all but pan and tilt of release all but colour... like you can do with the submaster controls.
  15. Hi How can i update my debug with new fixture files???

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