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  1. Is there a way to copy fixture values from a palett? I read the manual and found nothing about it. Copying values works fine when I set them with the wheels but it doesn't work with the paletts. This would save a lot of programming time because I use often different fixtures whith the desk. I'd like to create some default shows whith one Fixture and all values like color, etc. stored on paletts, so I only have to set the current number of fixtures I'm using and copy the values from the palett. Would be great if this would work somehow.
  2. Hi, I thing it would be a great think if you can save your color,etc.. pallets to a floppy just like I can save/load a show. I work in a company with one console but three operators and everyone has his own way of order, names (shortcuts that other people might not understand) , etc in the pallets. If it would be possible to save/load pallets I could just clear the old ones and load my pallets from a floppy when I'm working with the frog. Hope you get what I want
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