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  1. Hi, we are a small lighting company based in Derby. We stock Sirus 250 and 500 as well as Fat Frog, Leap Frog and Mambo Frog consoles. We undertake work worldwide. Some of our recent clients include : Cradle Of Filth - World Tour Lacuna Coil - UK Tour and European Festivals Trivium - UK Tour Dimmu Borgir - European Festivals Incandescence - Glastonbury, Bahrain, Macau (Current - Mambo Frog) Diztruxshon - Doncaster Splitz Dance School - Heanor UK Productions - Tunbridge Wells Panto (Peter Pan) Mat Churchill - Bollington Festival, Bury St Edmunds Panto St Dunstans & Co - Jesus Christ Superstar Accolade Productions - Pantos and Dance Schools Sweet Music Productions - A Night At The Musicals UK Tour We supply generic lights, moving lights, dimming and control, rigging, engineers, programmers, video projectors, staging and stage sets. We are a small company so reasonably priced. Contact Details available in our profile.
  2. This may be the case for some of you, but we're having the same problem loading from flash memory. Only on one of the shows did we reload the show from floppy. If the show file I sent isn't enough, I have another few backup versions on disk which I could send if that helps.
  3. It's fine until the desk is powered down and up, then the problems begin...
  4. yes the whole show references from pallets. I have emailled the show file to keith. When editing the show i re-editted the pallets as some of them were experiencing the same problem so i made sure there were no movements on my pallets
  5. I have got my Leap Frog out on a tour. We plotted the show and for some reason during plotting, the index finger wheel didn't work. However after rebooting the console it worked. I saved the show, but on rebooting for the dress run the next day, many of my scenes appeared to have a movement effect on them which weren't present when I plotted. I edited them all out and ran the rehersal. The next day (even after saving the show to disk) the effect were back in my scenes. The dress rehersal then ran. We then moved to another theatre to open the show, and when I tried running the cues, once again there were the effects. I edited everything again and saved it. Last night we moved the show again, and when I went to check the cues before the show, effects were again present on the cues!! I have checked that I haven't saved them into the pallets but I'm at a bit of a loss. I'm running FrogOS 9.2 with 23 moving light patches and various generics. Can anybody help?
  6. If you press the up arrow on the keyboard, it will take you back one space and you can overtype your mistake (Saves having to completely start again!)
  7. I normally create a follow on cue which triggers automatically. Easiest way is to run the next cue, bring the palyback x fader to 0% and then insert a follow on and press record. This will then set all the attributes to their correct positions while the unit is dark in preparation for the unit coming on. So once you have gone to blackout, I have a dwell time of 0:00:00 and then an auto triggered cue with a fade up and down of 0:00:00 and an ltp fade of 0:00:00. (unless using scrollers in which case i would advise an LTP fade of 0:03:00 to avoid ripping the gel) Richard 8)
  8. Having just been using my Mambo frog with someone elses rig in an outdoor situation, I have a couple more sugguestions whether for software updates or for the Frog II when it is released. Firstly : Channel Inhibit. I was running a bubble machine off a switch pack, but due to the event being outdoors and the wind changing, I needed to switch off the bubble machine. It would be nice if there was a way of parking the channel at 0% to ensure the bubble machine stayed off. Also useful if you have a moving light which is faultly and would be better switched off. Secondly : Channel Inversion and swapping. Running a mixture of Golden Scan HPE and JB Variscan 4, the pan and tilt runs in opposite ways. I can swap this on a sirius, but not on the frog. (Somewhere in patching would be an idel location for this feature). Finally this follows on from my earlier posts about strobing functions on macs where the shutter and dimmer are on 2 channels and I suggested having 2 brightness channels. Another possible solution would be to make brightness 16bit as happens on fine pan and tilt. Thus the 1st 50% of the desk channel could be dimmer 0-100% with the shutter set to open and the second 51%-100% the dimmer would be at full and the shutter channel would be controlled. The compromise would be that the strobing would always be at 100% but personally I don't really use a strobe function with a brightness of less than 100%. This would just make the Martin equipment behave more like Clay Paky equipment where dimmer and strobe are on the same channel. One More thing specifically for a Mambo Frog II as this would require a major hardware change, would it be possible to put LCD displays above the fixture select buttons which change depending on which page is selected to tell you which fixture is on each button. (Possiblly also for labelling subs) It is quite hard to remember which fixture is patched to which button so when I'm shouting at a board opereator to "home" a fixture they spend ages trying to work out which button to push. Thanks Richard 8)
  9. I have just been talking to one of my colleagues who has just had a rig of mine with a Fat Frog in the states running live for a band. We both feel that there should be some way for live operation of latching the flash buttons into pallet mode meaning for example that you can change colour with 1 finger, (instead of holding the attribute button and the flash button). Having used Avolites board, when you recall a focus pallet if the Dimmer attribute is selected, then all the attributes stored on a pallet will be affected, but if the colour or beamshape attribute is selected, then only the selected attribute will be affected when the flash button is pushed.
  10. Thanks for the response. I shall wait for the more pointed comments on the technicalities of programming. Do you know when the next upgrade will be available. My next big job is lighting a circus show in the middle east at the start of february. Do you think the duplicate fixtures feature will be available by then. PS Say thanks to Claire for sorting out the press interview in Toronto - Which publication will it appear in?
  11. I already own a Fat Frog and a Leap Frog and I have just purchased and toured a Mambo Frog. Although the desk is on the whole very good, I have the following few suggestions for your consideration. (Apologies if I am duplicating anyone else's wishes, but I guess more votes for things makes them more likely to happen!) 1 ) When running theatre style shows on the playback X, a count down of how long the cue has to run would be very helpful possibly ending in a "Complete" message. 2 ) Although the Fat Frog through to the Bull Frog has the ability to patch multiple fixture, the Mambo Frog is lacking in this aspect. I regularly ran out of fixture buttons on tour due to trying to patch one parcan per fixture. 3 ) There is a home function on the desk which I find very useful. However a couple of extra of features would be useful when working with moving light rigs. A head reset function would be nice. Certain moving lights (Techno Beams, Macs etc) can be told to reset from the desk by outputting a combination of channels at certain levels. Suggest maybe a combination of "F4" and "Home". Similarly a function for "Lamp On" would be nice, possibly "F3" and "Home". 4 ) I agree with the other users that having the strobe function in Beamshape is not always the most useful. If there was some way of assigning an LTP channel as a 2nd Brightness attribute it would make more sense. At present if I select strobe, it will affect my gobo selection which isn't helpful. 5 ) I'm not sure how you could implement this, but there needs to be some way in the patch set up of outputting channels. Many times I go into theatre and you ask which channels are for example the Red Cyc Wash to be told "Oh they're somewhere between 85 and 97" That means I have to patch it to 85, come all the way out saving the show, exit super user and push the fader up only to find that it isn't 85. So we repeat the process until it appears half an hour later at 95!!! There needs to be a function where you can just type in a channel number and press "Home" and the channel will output live. 6 ) It would be nice if Backspace worked when labelling cues etc when you make a mistake typing instead of having to press the up arrow. 7 ) A "Back" feature would be very nice in Playback X 8 ) A Beat function as per the Sirius consoles would be useful 9 ) It would be helpful if I could change the speed of a chase running by changing the rate pot 10 ) I agree with all those who have asked for fixture editing on the desk. The sirius managed it and it was one of the most useful features of any console I have ever used. If I am in the middle of a field doing a festival, chances are I don't have a PC. Use a laptop you may say, but my laptop only writes CD-R, it doesn't have a floppy drive! 11 ) A Printer port for printing cue lists and a Ethernet port so I can connect it to my laptop would be wonderful. 12 ) On the Fat - Bull range, the ability to use the flash buttons to select generic channels and edit levels on the wheels would be nice again as per the Sirius 500. This might lead to being able to edit a group of generic channels brightnesses in one go rather than channel by channel which is time consuming. 13 ) Finally Can't we have Frog Run back on the desks? I am hoping to take the Mambo Frog out to Middle East with me at the end of the month. I am going to need the multiple patch function by then otherwise I shall have to resort to my trusty Sirius 500. (Why did they get discontinued? A Sirius 1000 would have been a much better next move!!!)
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