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  1. In the DMX Patch menu when the fixture is selected, the left and right cursors will allow you to select the 'Lamp' and 'Scroll' parts of the fixture to set the DMX addresses. See "Patching Multi-Part Fixtures" on page 43 of the (Issue 2.2) manual.
  2. I've updated the file download so all the pages should be there now. CLICK HERE.
  3. Have you got another button stuck down, or a popup window (like Preview) open, that's preventing you from getting into Super User? The wheels control fixture parameters only. Fixture brightness channels are shown as a percentage, other fixture parameters are shown as DMX values.
  4. The Snap/Fade setting for Colour, Beamshape or Position is hidden when those attributes aren't recorded in a memory. Sounds like you've got the desk in Partial Mode (as opposed to Full Mode). This setting is in Super User -> Desk Setup -> Program Mode. In Full Mode, everything gets recorded when you hit PROGRAM. Quick and easy to use, but not so good when using moving lights on submasters. In Partial Mode, only tagged parameters get recorded when you hit PROGRAM. This offers more flexible operation with moving lights and palettes / submasters, but you have to be careful when prog
  5. What do you have on the other end of the lead plugged into the remote socket? What are the remote switches configured to do? Check this in: Super User -> Desk Setup -> Remote Switches
  6. The standard wiring for the 25-way D type connector was: Pin 1 - Pin 24 : Channel 1 - Channel 24 Pin 25 : 0V The internal wiring on the Sirius24 was 1:1. The Sirius48 was a bit more complicated, see THIS DRAWING.
  7. I'd suggest taking a careful look at the desk, as it's possible that someone in the past could have rewired the connector to suit the dimmers they were connecting it to. You also need to know what voltage the Sirius has been set to output (5V / 10V / 15V), and whether the optional negative output kit has been fitted in the desk. A few minutes metering the desk outputs and checking the wiring would pay dividends in ensuring you don't damage anything when installing the new kit.
  8. Thr group function on the TL applies to the 200 channels only, not the 30 fixtures. So no, it isn't available on the ML at the moment.
  9. Paul

    Wheel Problems

    Firstly rule out hardware problems by checking the wheels in test mode (boot the desk while holding down F1). If that checks out OK, it could be you're looking at a *feature* of the way the wheels work with multiple fixtures selected. If the wheel edit mode is anything other than Absolute, then with multiple fixtures selected, the desk will allow you to roll the wheels below 0% and above 100%. The desk allows this to maintain the relative levels of the different fixtures selected. So if you roll a wheel 3 revolutions below zero for example, you'll have to roll it back up 3 revolutions to b
  10. Read the section on Naming Memories in the manual (Issue 6, page number '4-14').
  11. Yes - merged with topic that explains how.
  12. You can delete a single submaster in Program Mode by first selecting it with it's flash button, then holding down the CLEAR button for a couple of seconds.
  13. We are not going to publish an *official* repair because of the possibility of further damage to the desk or to yourself with the substances involved. We also cannot make any guarantees about the durability of a repair where we have little or no control over the process. What we did try ourselves was to remove the remains of the existing lacquer with a solvent, then reapply and cure a new lacquer. This would be best done in a paintshop which is dust free and has the necessary fume extraction. The results weren't as good as the original finish, but it was an improvement on a non-readable di
  14. Make sure the filenames are shorter than 18 characters, end in .ift, and don't include any spaces or other special characters. Sticking to DOS 8.3 filenames will give the most reliable results. Files must go in the root directory on the floppy disk, not in any subdirectories.
  15. We took the decision to reorganise the Leap Frog 48/96, Frog 2 and Orb forums, as the software (ZerOS) is common to all these desks. Many topics, particularly relating to the Offline Editor, Remote, Software Releases etc, are relevant for all desks, and so combining some forums makes it easier to find relevant information without searching multiple forums. At the same time we have removed the distinction between Bugs, Feature Requests, and Questions for ZerOS desks (in the same way as the Jester Range forums are organised). It should now be easier to find or post a topic, without having to
  16. Auxiliaries are for live control only and can't be recorded into memories or submasters I'm afraid. We did debate this for a while initially, and the outcome was the development of the JesterML and JesterTL desks which can control scrollers and moving lights much more effectively. See also THIS TOPIC.
  17. MIDI Show Control hasn't been implemented yet, however the more people that ask, the more likely this feature is to make it up the wish list for future software releases. So if you want it, please say so!
  18. You can't do this on the JesterML I'm afraid.
  19. The MIDI implementation on the Jester, JesterML & JesterTL currently only allows you to use notes to trigger channels or submasters. The suggestion to add support for MIDI Show Control has been logged for consideration in a future software upgrade: JES-2462 - MIDI Show Control. See also THIS TOPIC.
  20. Paul

    Chili & Frog 2

    At the moment there isn't any functionality in the Frog2 software that would allow you to do anything with the Chillinet connection, so no advantage in connecting it up.
  21. The Version 13.3 message is the base operating system version that the desk is running on, don't worry about it, it's not a problem. Unfortunately the solution to software installation problems is to just re-try downloading and unzipping the files, formatting disks in the desk, use different disks, use a different PC etc. as listed above. You can get there in the end. If you try again and again and it still won't go, then it may be that the drive in the desk has a problem. Either get the desk back to a dealer or give the office a call to arrange a return for a service. If your desk is out
  22. Here is the software version history of the Linebacker... Linebacker 32K EPROM software (software reference 95) 9501 - 03/11/1995 - V1.2 Initial issue 9502 - 25/10/1996 - V1.8 Improved user interface 9503 - 07/05/1997 - V1.9 Allow excessive breaks in GRAB and TEST INPUT 9504 - 13/11/2000 - V2.0 Dwell time corrected 9505 - 26/11/2002 - V3.0 Cable test function removed (due to obsolete part) If you've got older hardware where the cable test function works, then I'd recommend version 2.0 as the one to upgrade to. Unfortunately due to a part going obsolete, the cab
  23. The use of Virtual Channels is described in the Fixture Editor User Guide, which can be downloaded from any of the product support pages (together with the Fixture Tools, new software, release notes etc.). You might also find these topics useful: http://support.zero88.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=4790 http://support.zero88.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=5212 Please note there is a known problem in version 10.10 with virtual channels, see THIS TOPIC. There is a newer beta test version available which addresses this problem, but so far no feedback good or bad from our beta testers a
  24. If the LCD display is unstable, this sounds like there is a problem with the address lines between the processor board and the LCD board. Most likely it's a component or soldering fault on the LCD board, but it could also be a faulty ribbon cable or a fault on the processor board. Either way, get in touch with the dealer you bought the upgrade kit from to arrange it's return for replacement or repair.
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