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  1. The remote switches socket works on contact closures between each input and ground. So an Analogue Level 6 *might* cause the remote switches to be read as closed when the faders are lowered, however it also needs to cause the remote switches to be read as open when the faders are raised. Try it and see, you won't do any harm to either the Level 6 or the Fat Frog. Let us know how you get on.
  2. You can assign User Fixture Types directly from a floppy disk without needing to create and load a Common Fixture Types (CFT) file. You can have your own fixture files plus the master library on the same floppy disk, the desk will ask you which file to use when you assign a fixture from floppy disk.
  3. The remote socket is for buttons only, it can't read faders.
  4. When fading from a movement effect to a static position there are 2 options: - Fade to effect 'None'. Frog Reference 5394, implemented in version 10.4, stops the unnecessary synchronising of movement effects in this case, however as you've noticed you can get some odd results from the effect fading through Figure8 -> Tri -> Quad -> Ellipse -> None. - Fade to the same effect but with Size X & Size Y set to zero (leave Effect, Speed, Rotation, Offset the same). The desk will synchronise all fixtures in the effect, however this might give a smoother result than the option
  5. If the wheel edit mode is anything other than Absolute, then with multiple fixtures selected, the desk will allow you to roll the wheels below 0% and above 100%. The desk allows this to maintain the relative levels of the different fixtures selected. So if you roll a wheel 3 revolutions below zero for example, you'll have to roll it back up 3 revolutions to bring it back to zero before you'll see any output change. So it can look like the wheels stop responding for a time. There will be a change in the next version of software (reference JES-2072) to improve this behaviour, as it can be co
  6. There are 4 versions of this profile in the latest fixture library, details HERE, download HERE. StageBar54 HSI StageBar54 HSIC StageBar54 RGB StageBar54 RGBAW Make sure you pick the right profile for the mode that you're using the fixture in.
  7. The Parameter Details information in the library is only used by ZerOS desks (Leap Frog 48, Leap Frog 96, Frog2, ORB). The JesterML & JesterTL desks, in common with the original Frog series, do not use this information.
  8. The 'Invert Output' option in the Fixture Type Editor is used by the newer ZerOS desks (Leap Frog 48, Leap Frog 96, Frog2, ORB) only. This feature is not supported on the original Frog series desks.
  9. None of the JesterML or JesterTL desks have move on dark at the moment. This feature is found on the ZerOS desks though - Leap Frog 48, Leap Frog 96, Frog2 and ORB.
  10. JES-2746 - Numeric * on USB keyboard should type @ This will be changed in the next software release.
  11. Paul

    Keyboard GO

    Keyboard GO functionality was implemented in version 9.8 software, full details are in the release notes HERE. Alternatively if you're handy with a soldering iron, you could wire up a quiet button of your choice to one of the remote switches on the DIN8 connector on the back of the desk.
  12. We've logged this problem for investigation, reference number JES-2745.
  13. The Fat Frog doesn't store the fixture library on the desk, it doesn't have enough memory. Fixtures are assigned directly from the library on the floppy disk. There are however 20 common fixture types stored on the desk which you can change if you want to. See THIS TOPIC for further information.
  14. Paul

    LED Control

    When you program memories, press SPECIAL and make sure the Colour setting is Fade(U) or Fade(D). The LEDs will then crossfade using either the Fade Up or Fade Down time.
  15. Is this a Mk1 (grey) or Mk2 (blue) Alcora? Can you let us know what software version it has - this is displayed on the 7-segment display in Super User. Duplicate of THIS TOPIC on The Blue Room.
  16. Jester Range Software Update Instructions are HERE, together with the Release Notes. Does the same memory stick work for saving and loading of shows? If the memory stick works for normal saving and loading of shows, then it should also be OK for upgrading the software.
  17. Is the problem repeatable when you plug the USB keyboard in?
  18. Yes that will work. If you're using Moving Lights and you're in Partial Programming mode, make sure the ReplayTag option (under Program Mode in Desk Setup) is set to Add so that your tag states will be what you expect.
  19. Frog Range Software - Version 10.12 We have released Version 10.12 of the Frog Range Software. The new operating software, offline editor (Phantom Frog) and release notes can be downloaded here: https://zero88.com/control/frog This version fixes a small number of bugs - see the release notes for details.
  20. You can tag or untag a complete fixture for recording by holding down it's fixture selection button for a couple of seconds. This also works for ranges of fixtures, so for example to tag or untag fixture 1 through to fixture 6, hold down Fixture Button 1 and Fixture Button 6 together for a couple of seconds until the yellow LEDs in the buttons indicate that the tagging state has changed.
  21. The Chilli HF units can't do DALI I'm afraid, however iLight, who are also part of Cooper Controls with us, do have a range of DALI controllers. If you email your contact details to Graham Eales, he will get someone at iLight to contact you to discuss your requirements.
  22. Please can you clarify what you mean by "channels"? The Mambo Frog doesn't have Channels like the other Frog desks, it only has Fixtures.
  23. If you hold down WHEELGROUP when pressing PROGRAM, the desk will record all dimmers/fixtures regardless of the tag state. In version 10.9 software there are a number of new Super User options that allow you to configure how you want tagging to operate, so you can set the desk up the way you like to work. Have a read of the release notes for full details.
  24. To prevent further abuse, the Private Message system is no longer available to members with less than 10 posts in the public forum. Once you reach 10 posts, the forum will automatically put you in the Regulars group and you will gain access to the Private Message system. Beta testers are given access to the Private Message system regardless of their post count. New members who need to contact a Zero 88 staff member privately, can find details on the contacts page - Peter Kirkup should be your first point of contact. This change doesn't mean that you make irrelevant/pointless posts just
  25. We have recently had reports from forum members receiving unsolicited Private Messages from a new user, with links to websites that you probably don't want to look at. Our advice is to report the offending poster's username in this topic and then delete the private message. Do not click on any links in the message. We will block offending posters as soon as possible. We will review the forum security and permissions settings to try and prevent this happening in the future. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.
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