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  1. Kresten, Looks like the name strings from the fixture data have become corrupted. Please can you save your show to disk and email it to us, so that we can try and work out what's happened. (The fixture data will be saved as part of the show file). mailto:techsupp@zero88.com. Thanks! Paul.
  2. Press 'INSERT' when on the manual DMX patch screen. This will allow you to patch additional DMX channels to a desk channel.
  3. This sounds like another manifestation of the bug where EDIT controls seem to continue to work after leaving EDIT mode. Although this might seem like a good thing (for example the chase speed control continues to work after editing a chase), one consequence of this bug is the desk crashing... This bug is fixed in version 6.2.
  4. Press the WHEEL GROUP button ???
  5. How many generic dimmer channels do you want to be able to control? How many intelligent fixtures do you want to be able to control? If you could patch duplicate fixtures, (like you can patch duplicate generic channels on the other Frog desks) would this "be a nice feature"?
  6. Sounds like you have a very sick Frog. Was it OK before you installed software version 5 ? Does it get better if you re-install the version of software that came with the desk ? All Frogs have been shipping with the monitor upgrade for quite some time now (since the middle of last year as I recall). If you have an older desk without the monitor output, then you can return your desk to the factory to have it upgraded. There is a charge for this service.
  7. Paul

    A Bug ?

    Darn you're right! The problem shows up after you've switched the desk off and on again. Palettes from the other attributes get displayed as programmed, even though they're not! These 'ghost' palettes don't actually contain anything though, it's just a display problem. Fixed in version 6.2.
  8. You can patch one desk channel to multiple (up to 10) DMX channels. Hit the INSERT key when on the manual patch screen in Super User. Is this what you were after? Didn't quite understand how this would give more space for "intelligent" scenes on a sub page :? Are you asking for the ability to transfer multiple memories onto a single submaster?
  9. If you store channel data directly on to a submaster, you can't have fade times associated with it. However if you store the channel data as a memory and then transfer it (with time) to a submaster you can have fade times associated with it. You can swap between DMX universe A & B by pressing the EDIT button when patching. The trouble with resetting fixtures is, there's no standard way of doing it. Every type of fixture has a different set of rules as to what you have to send on what control channels in what order. :evil:
  10. The display fault can be cleared by forcing the desk to write it's show data to the internal Flash (the "saving show, please wait" message that pops up occasionally). For example, any of the following will make this happen: - Save the show to floppy and load it back again - Change the DMX patch - Assign a fixture - Change the remote button setup - Program a hundred or so memories (!) Haven't managed to reproduce the palette names problem. Can you mail us your show file (techsupp@zero88.com) so we can see if we can reproduce the problem here! Thanks, Paul.
  11. The problem you describe with the monitor screen sounds very much like the "copy to memory zero" bug. This happens if you press COPY, and then press ENTER without changing the 'copy to' field from it's default value of '--' (zero) to something sensible. This problem is corrected in release 6.x, watch the release announcements, it will be out soon. Position palettes losing names? Not heard of this one before. If you over-program a palette (or memory or submaster or SX for that matter) then it does lose the original name. Is this what you're seeing, or is there something else wrong??
  12. Pull the Playback X master fader down to zero ???
  13. The Light Network is still going strong at Delphi Forums. Delphi has implemented some changes, which include having to pay to be able to do things which were previously free. However you can still access it for free and read & post messages as before. The old URL www.lightnetwork.com has been taken over by someone else who has set up an alternative forum but the old one is still accessible using the URL below http://forums.delphiforums.com/lightnetwork/messages
  14. Hey, what happened to The Light Network ???!!!??? I can't find it anywhere.... OK, so you all want partial memories (or submasters) to work down to attribute level, rather than just down to fixture level as they do at the moment. This one seems to be popping up a lot in everyone's wish lists! How about if we did something like... When in partial mode, hitting Program records all tagged fixtures as it does at the moment. However (the new bit), if when you hit Program you're also holding down any of Colour, Beamshape or Position, then it only records those attributes of the tagged fi
  15. Nope, there's no way to upgrade the memory I'm afraid...
  16. If you change the desk setup in Super-User, then the desk has to suspend calculation of DMX outputs for a short time while it rearranges its internal workings. In effect it runs the "Reset DMX" function of Super-User. On early Frogs and Fat Frogs (STMain1/1B main board), this has the effect of generating a DMX stream full of zeros for a short time. On all later desks (STMain2 main board), this has the effect of stopping the DMX stream for a short time. If you have an early Frog or Fat Frog, you might want to pull out the DMX plug while you're in Super User to prevent it from sendin
  17. The Frog DMX output conforms to the USITT specifications, as I'm sure does the MAC input. It might be more of a system problem - use of audio instead of DMX cable, missing end-of-line termination, ground loops, over-long cable runs etc. Most of the time you get away with it, but these sort of problems tend to start showing up at boundary conditions - low or high addresses, start and end of long cable runs etc. Re-patching the fixture to a higher DMX address will give the fixture more time after the DMX break before it has to extract it's data. This ought to determine whether the problem is
  18. Hi Daniel, How many submaster pages would you like? The trouble is, if all the storage was given to submasters, there'd be none left for memories! If you assign a fixture to control the cracker, rather than using one of the generic control channels, then by un-assigning and re-assigning that fixture after programming, you will clear out all the data stored for it in memories and submasters. Just another alternative to Al's suggestion! 1-shot (or more generally n-shot) chases are something we're thinking about for the future. What additional movement effects would you find usefu
  19. I'm guessing you have Fixture 1 patched to DMX address 1, as you have Fixture 2 patched to DMX address 17. The problem might be with the fixture not always receiving DMX correctly at low DMX addresses - it misses packets and hence gives jerky motion. Try patching Fixture 1 to a higher DMX address.
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