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  1. The Snap/Fade settings for the Diablo are set globally in Super User, you can't do it any way other than this: 8.5 Pan and Tilt Default Settings You can toggle between two settings for Pan and Tilt. The key for this function is on the second page of super user options. In Snap mode the pan and tilt changes will happen instantaneously. If Fade mode is chosen the changes will happen according to the time set on the Fade Master when a memory is triggered. 8.6 Other LTP Default Settings You can toggle between two settings for all the LTP channels other than pan and tilt. This will includ
  2. Please can you attach a copy of your showfile and let us know which channels / DMX addresses aren't behaving as you expect so that we can look into this?
  3. Any invalid Desk IDs are automatically rewritten with a copy from a good Desk ID. That's why if you lose all three, you're in trouble.
  4. The Desk ID is the desk's serial number, which is seen in Super User -> Desk Information. It is stored in 3 places in the desk: Desk ID 1 is stored in the FLASH chips (IC13-IC16,IC40-IC41 on the STMain2), along with the operating system and showfile. Desk ID 2 is stored in the CMOS (part of the SuperIO chip IC29 on the STMain2), which is battery backed. Desk ID 3 is stored in the NVR (IC10 on the STMain2), which is battery backed. Any battery problems like this should be resolved before attempting to update the desk software, as it is possible to get the desk into a state where it
  5. The Diablo memory modules 0011600 were the same as the ones used on the Mk2 Alcora/Elara (the blue/green versions), so if you can get hold of one of those it will work fine. They come up on ebay occasionally, so might be worth setting up a watch for one. For Diablo you want the Mk2 memory modules which had blue plastic covers, not the older Mk1 memory modules which had grey/black/beige covers. See also THIS TOPIC.
  6. This problem has now been fixed, sorry for the inconvenience.
  7. The 3 types of rotary potentiometer used on Frogs are: 4407300: Override (centre bump) 4407400: Speed 4407500: Fade (click off) Keith is on a site visit today, but if you drop him an email (keith.rogers@cooperindustries.com) he'll get back to you when he returns.
  8. At the moment, the JesterML/TL software doesn't use the 'Invert Output' seting from the Fixture Library - however this is logged as a feature request for a future version, reference JES-2489. If the RGB channels on your fixture work the *right* way up, then you can add a Virtual Dimmer to control their overall levels from the desk. In this case, set the fixture personality up so the *wrong* dimming channel on the fixture is called something else, default it to 0, and hide it away under Beamshape, remembering never to change it when you're programming.
  9. Can you attach a copy of your showfiles and tell us which memories/submasters are affected so we can look at this?
  10. Your wiring diagram is correct. Use momentary action push-to-make buttons (Single Pole Normally Open).
  11. Looks like something not working properly in the new forum software. We'll look into it, thanks for pointing it out.
  12. This warning appears when you're working in Partial Programming mode, and nothing is tagged. Make sure the fixtures and channels you want to record are tagged before pressing the PROGRAM button.
  13. When you press EDIT in Run Mode, the desk is *supposed* to load the selected memory/submaster onto the outputs ready for editing, just like it does in Program Mode. This used to work in version 1.0, but got broken as a side-effect of another change in version 1.1 :-( JES-2959 - Editing from Run Mode doesn't load the selected memory/submaster as intended. This bug will be fixed in the next release.
  14. The only way to stop the DMX output from the Jester is to switch if off at the mains or unplug it, which is probably a good idea anyway to save energy when it's not being used.
  15. There is an option already to set Memory Recovery On or Off in Setup. If you want to start up in Blackout, then turn Memory Recovery Off, and program the first cue as a blackout cue. However it could be useful to expand the Memory Recovery options to include a third option to start at Memory Zero rather than the first programmed memory: JES-2958 - Add Memory Recovery option to start at Memory Zero. Adding an indication of crossfade progress has been discussed elsewhere (e.g. HERE) and logged already: JES-1949 - Indication of memory stack crossfade progress.
  16. Paul

    Back key

    It would be good to pick a simple key combination for this feature which would also work on the Jester and JesterML desks (which don't have a backspace). SHIFT+GO is already used for the PAUSE function.
  17. Thanks for the comments. We have logged them for consideration in future software updates. Here are the reference numbers... JES-2956 - Allow submaster faders to play back submasters in Program Mode on the JesterTLXtra. JES-2957 - Make it easier to name memories after programming them (undo auto-increment if Left or Right cursor is pressed). JES-2454 - Blind Edit. JES-515 - Numeric Entry of Fade Times (this will allow them to be changed blind). The EDIT button description you quoted comes from the Program Mode section in the manual section. The Run Mode section reads:
  18. For movement effects to work, you need to identify the Pan/Tilt channels under the Special setting in the Fixture Type Editor... Your showfile also indicates the desk is running version 10.9, I'd recommend upgrading to 10.12 so you're not getting stuck on old problems.
  19. For what you're trying to achieve, you need to use the submasters on the desk, you can't trick it with DMX patching. This is because you can't have multiple desk channels patched to the same desk channel.. You're right, duplicates are now indicated with a '+' rather than a 'D', this was one of the changes that was made as part of an update (version 10.8) to allow duplicate patching of fixtures, and increase the number of duplicates from 10 to 100.
  20. Make sure the desk is running the latest software (10.12), so you're not getting tangled up in old problems here. Movement effects now stop if the master fader (Submaster or Playback X) is down, or if the Grand Master is down, or if Blackout is active. If you're still having problems, please attach a copy of your showfile and let us know which memory/submaster isn't working so we can look into it.
  21. There is no way to transfer showfiles from the newer ZerOS desks to the older Frog series, sorry.
  22. Paul


    Correct, but we would advise that you save your showfile to USB before doing the upgrade, just in case anything goes wrong.
  23. Paul

    USB Lamp

    Yes you can use a USB Lamp with any of the Jester desks - the desks can supply 0.5A on the USB Port.
  24. Paul

    USB Lamp

    Unfortunately USB hubs will not work with any of the Jester, JesterML or JesterTL desks.
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