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  1. Hi,


    I have many years of experience lighting all types of productions and events in many different types of venue. From theatre to rave, panto to music festivals and preofessional theatre to school hall to outdoor events. I own all my own equipment which includes,


    12 x Robe Showlight MS Zoom 250XT

    8 x Robe Showlight Wash 250XT

    24 x PAR 64

    12 x Strand Optique

    8 x Strand Cantata

    Various Fresnel, PC and flood luminares

    Various DMX dimmer packs

    Various electrical distro equipment/cables

    Various rigging equipment

    Avolites Azure 2000

    And.. of course... a Zero 88 Bullfrog


    I have an excellent relationship with a generator hire company so of you gig is outdoors I can probably help you out there too!


    Based in Surrey but totally mobile so can work anywhere. Please feel free to call me for a no obligation chat.


    Andy - 07092 140466 or andy@mobilelight.co.uk

  2. Hi,


    I purchased a Bull Frog early December and have done 3 shows with it. The desk works really well however I do have a problem - which I suspect will lead to it being returned however...


    The first 2 shows I did not need to use a desklight for - the 3rd I did. I used the same desk light that I have used for years (it works fine on my Avolites Azure 2000). When I push the light all the way into either socket the light will not work - if I withdraw it sligtly and "wiggle it a bit" it will work - however the slightest knock and out it will go. The worst thing about this is that sometimes the "wiggling" will force the desk to re-set completely. Fortunately it didn't do it during the show - but I can make it happen any time. Any ideas??


    Thanks.. Andy

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