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  1. hello is it possible to adjust live de speed of a chase? I use the Mambofrog When i program a chase for my par 64, i can only use the speed that i have programmed, but during the show i have to adjust this speed, until now i have tried but no result. is it possible? Greetz
  2. Hi I have a Mambo frog, how can i program a HTP level to a sub master? i only whant to program the intensity of my sl-250 on a sub master, zo i can dim the lights by using a submaster. is it possible and can some body help me with the first problem greetz Jan VH
  3. hello i use a few movitec sl 250, my question is can i adjust with the slide of a submaster the speed of my movement. what i mean is, when my slide is down the movement wil stop and when i open the slide the speed wil be go faster from zero to the maximum. is it possible greetz jan vh
  4. Hello I have a problem, i want to program a submaster for using as a switch, for controlling the shutter of my movitec SL250. On a Martin case we can program a submaster for putting the lights on or out and with the flash button we can flash the light. is it possible with the mambo frog to program a submaster that way so we can put the light on when we open de slide and we can flash the light while we are pushing the flash button? Greetz Jan VH
  5. Hello I use a Lighttec Dimmpack SP12. How can i program a few chases for par can's and can i adjust the speed of the par's when i using that program. Is it possible to assign every parcan to a submaster for dimming the lamps. we use the mambofrog. Is there someone who is familiar with this Greetz Jan vh
  6. Hi I Work with Movitec SL250 as movinghead, how can i make a movement program I have tryed with programming a chase but when i playback the chase my movitec whont do what i have programmed. He transshipment some of the steps. is there something what i'am doing wrong. i have also another problem. when i program the lamp on a submaster or SX button for putting him on. is there any other way then programming an other submaster or button for putting him out. I whant to put the lamp on and out with the same SX button or Submaster. is it possible and how do i do that? Greetz Janvh
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