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  1. I have the same problem with some Studio Due Shark 150s. The brightness channel at 0% is open and 100% the shutter is closed. Also in the middle is strobing. Has anyone got a workaround for this when programming with Technobeams? Thanks, Bob H
  2. Thanks Paul, That's what I thought but I figured I'd ask. Bob H
  3. Hi, Does anyone know if there's a way to change the fade up and fade down times on multiple memories at once, or do I have to change each one individually? I haven't used the Fat Frog in a while. Thanks, Bob H
  4. Hi Ice, I also would have liked pages of memories but you could probably get around that by doing exactly as K-Nine suggested and grouping washes at 50 to 100, spots at 101 to 150 etc. Then you could use the first "page" as an index and name all your groupings. (Mem 1 washes 50 to 100. Mem 2 spots 101 to 150. Mem 3 ... You get the idea) Nothing recorded on them except the jump to number of that group. Need a colour wash, use the keyboard and hit memory 1 or whatever and the jump to takes you to the group you want, then select from that group. With a little fooling with it you could probably
  5. Hi, Just thought I'd check and see if there is any action on a training video for the Fat Frog. Unfortunately I can't make my way to the UK or California. It wouldn't have to be a proper production, just set up a video cam at the side of the room when you're conducting a training session. Just a thought. B Hulme
  6. Hi Pipo, I thought I was blind too but finally found the power switch for my Fat Frog on my UPS. Seriously, there isn't one. Bhulme Frog Reference No 5434 - Power switch on desks.
  7. Sorry, I had a question all composed and found the answer in the forum. I deleted the question but forgot to delete the topic. My mentor actually asked me the question. I would never use all the memories but he does different things all the time and he thought that he could use them all up. The point is moot though because the number (400) isn't the limit for the memories, it's the amount of stuff in the step that determines the limit and unless you loaded everything into each step you'd probably have 999 steps. So you're right, 999 is a lot of steps. Again sorry for the confusion. B
  8. Hi all, Are there plans (or reasons why you couldn't) to add a mouse port to the Frog range so pan & tilt control could be done with the mouse? I have, on occasion, played the odd video game. Haven't we all, come on admit it! And it seems so easy to control ones light sabre, huge and ugly cannon, or whatever deadly weapon happens to be in your hand, with the mouse. Just a thought. Thanks again for this forum, Bhulme
  9. Hi KWR88, Thanks, that's even better. Bhulme
  10. Hi again, Just wondering if there is a way of pageing through the memory stack. It would be nice to go through 1 page of 36 at a time. Thanks, Bhulme
  11. Is there an invert function for scanners in the Fat Frog so the pan and tilt work the same if I turn some upside down and some right side up? Thanks, and to all that run this forum, Many thanks, it's a great resource, Bhulme
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