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  1. Hi Mathias, its just a workaround yet. I´ld patch the Sunstrips as single Dimmers (like Jon suggests) and afterwards build groups for each unit and other selections which make sense in the rigg.
  2. Laubfrosch

    Touch Screen

    Probably a silly question.... USB connected?
  3. Hello Bernhard, 1. I crosschecked the original fixture libs for the PL1 and PLCyc 8 bit. Both have the White Channel on 100 % Default and Home Value. You may set thoses values to 0% by editing the Home and Default Values in Setup Syntax : SETUP/EDIT FIXTURES/ repeat push GROUP till PL1 are displayed/select DEFAULT and set WHITE to 0% on the "ALL" Line. All PL1 are set to WHITE 0 now. Repeat it with the HOME value. Leave SETUP Probably there is a request to confirm changes. Now your colours shall be ok. 2. just push clear twice. all manual changes are cancelled. If using t
  4. Go ahead! Than we ´ll have a common operating philosophy for all ZerOS desks. Makes operators life much more comfortable. Cheers Sven
  5. A new Level... of tele-conference.
  6. Best Zero 88 Communication tool is the Level 6. Its handy, well "weight to flight" balanced. finds place in nearly every pocket, And the most important feature..... you may regulate the impact by a master fader before Level 6 leaving your hand to transmit your message.......
  7. Laubfrosch

    FLX crash

    Hi Luke, Sry I can´t help you with the crash issue. Regarding your chase "problem" do as follows. Programm your chase as you like. If you have finished the needed chase steps push and hold "setup" plus dedicated chase playback button. Now the Playback Option window popps in. Here you may select the Crossfade for the general Chase behaviour. The line below allows you to select the fading percentage for each attribute group (Colour, Beam etc.) set the colour fade to 100% and your colour will fade from step to step. This might not work on spots with colour wheels! Some spots do not
  8. Hi Keredylesob, in which way do you set the Offset?
  9. Hi Keredyelesob, do you want them to follow each other? If so try the "mark on" efx and set the offset shifted mode to fan first/fan last.
  10. Laubfrosch


    Hi SDGLight, you tried to overwrite the origin "factory Lib" with your user Lib which is not possible. To assign your fixtures to your desk pls follow further steps. connect your usb stick with your user fixture lib. activate setup mode and go to assign fixtures. choose "add fixture". 1.Now you will see a few options displayed in the upper MFK display. choose USB stick. the desk reads your usb stick. 2. Select your user fixture Lib. 3. Next you need to select manufacturer by pushing mfk of start letter. 4. select fixture type 5. assign MDK fixture Button. 6. repea
  11. Hi Mathias, you may download the quick reference guide here. http://zero88.com/de/manuals/FLX%20Quick%20Start%20Guide%20V1.3.pdf I hope this helps. Cheers
  12. Hi Brandrick, the desk and the pad/phone/pod need to have the same IP "starts" if subnet is set to Please also set the Pad to static IP TCP IP Set up shall look like the following example Desk IP for Remote iPad/Phone/Pod IP I hope this helps.
  13. Hi Vivo welcome to the club! Where did you buy your Solution? If you need detailled help just send me a PM with your contact data and your questions. We can do it in german then. Cheers Sven
  14. Hi Mr. Huber. you may use the REM DIM Function. Syntax as follows. Fixture No. x i.e. 101 (SHIFT) and (FULL) The selected fixture is set to 100% and tagged if selected fixt. intensity is 0%, All not selected fixtures are set to 0% Please also have a look at page 136 ff ORB Manual Issue 2 For further information just give me a call! Cheers Sven
  15. Hi Lxkev, I am working for RTC (the austrian distributor of Zero 88) with more than 10 years experierence of Zero 88 products now. As you I am following this forum for years now. I do not agree your statement of a doggy OS. It works okay within its specified features. Some issues of the 8.0 occured after a responsible person left the company which have and shall be fixed BEFORE the release of the 8.0. You played on a Beta of the release 8. So why are you complaining about a crash. The reason of Betas is to find such bugs! We all need to be a little patient now to get the new release,
  16. Hi Luis, some ELOs do have an APR (Acoustic Pulse Recognition) touch technology. These models do not work with the ZerOs desks. Cheers Sven
  17. Hi @ all, I tested the Iiyama T1531SR yesterday. Result works fine! Cheers Sven
  18. Hi Stefan, there is no function of a DMX-Channel-Level-Split. Probably this is a work around. Quote "Virtual Intensity Each fixture can have a Virtual Intensity channel. This channel is not assigned to a DMX address, but can be used to scale the output of other channels, creating an effective dimmer for colour mixing fixtures which do not have a separate dimmer. An example of the use of a virtual intensity parameter would be an LED colour mixing fixture which has just 3 channels – Red, Green and Blue. By scaling these channels on a virtual master, you can dim a mixed colour.
  19. Laubfrosch


    Hi Will, as Peter mentioned, sounds like some button is sticky. You may start the setup and go into the event monitor. There nothing should be shown unless you push a button, turn a wheel etc. But you may see a a repeating text line i.e. xxxxxxxx button blahblah. Now you know where to look at. But attention!!! You might restart the desk after doing this. Cheers Sven
  20. Hi @ all, I also noticed that EFX attributes are not displayed as supposed at the wheels sometimes. But I am convinced the Zero guys will fix it as soon as possible. By the way the wheels work despite of not showing the attribute to edit. The second issue Ivan posted. Make shure "Smart Tag" is off. You may build a new efx with ony one attribute included than. "Smart Tag" on does tag ALL attributes by recording your "custom EFX" @aaron did you select a fixture or group of fixtures before you tried to playback a efx palette? Cheers Sven
  21. Hi Carlsson, I noticed the same problem after updating the OS. Did you powercycle the desk? Probably a workaround. Before you reset the Desk. Store your current show on a USB Stick. Than reset the desk and load the show again. Worked fine on the desk I worked with. Rel. 2.5 Cheers Sven
  22. Good morning Bee where did you buy your Jester? By the way Jester 12/24 List is 1075,- net. The 19" Version 100,- less. I do not think you have to pay over 50% FAT in your country.*LOL Probably you may give more details about your lighting rigg. Amount of dimmers and movinglights( also type of) As written in my first reply you should go for the Jester TLxtra(2340,- Listprice excluding FAT!) By the way.... HTP= H ighest T akes P resense = Brightness/dimmer, LTP= L atest T akes P resense = all other attributes of fixtures(i.e. Gobo,Color,Position etc.)
  23. Hi Mr. Bee, still angry about yourself? So why didn´t you buy the console which can handle 99 internal HTPs? Why didn´t you ask somebody who is familiar with the Jester Range? You could have posted your needs here BEFORE you purchased the desk. Everybody in this forum would have described you in further details what the desk can or can not do! That would have been of help to avoid your bad mood. And at least RTFM. You could have downloaded it here. http://support.zero88.com/main/en/product/52
  24. Hi Mr. Bee I read through your post, but I cannot see your problem!!!!! What do you want to tell the forum? You bought the wrong desk? You bought a 12/24 console nothing more and nothing less! You received a desk which fullfills exact these features plus options like Fade In AND Fade Out Times a real CueList playback + Submasters, AUX Buttons for specials like Scrollers or what else, USB storage and VGA Out. YOU had the choice and YOU decided to buy a Jester 12/24. If it does not fit your profile do not blame the desk! Blame yourself, because you made the wrong decision r
  25. Hi Jorge, was only an idea. Cheers Sven P.S.: Der Laubfrosch arbeitet seit 01 an diversen Fröschen...*:-) Seit Anfang diesen Jahres geht´s auch in den ORBit!*LOL
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