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  1. Hi, just wondering if it is possible on the Jester ML to colour mix LED's live. ie, one sub with red and intensity, next with green and intensity, and third with blue and intensity. This would entail the LTP value increasing and decreasing with the sub level, and not snapping (or fading) to the programmed level once 5% is achieved. I tried this with the special button, modifying the colour fade attribute, but couldn't figure out what fade(V), and fade(D) meant! If this isn't possible, would it be a possibility for a future release? Thanks
  2. I am presuming that on the new update the chase speed control is being adjusted by the speed pot on the desk? What I am wondering, as the icing on the cake, would it be possible to have a 'Tap' button (possibly one of the function buttons), thereby allowing you to tap in the beat time. This would have to take an average time over a number of taps, and average out to find the actual rate of the chase? This is assuming lighting engineers have a sense of rhythm! Pogo
  3. I seem to be having the same problem with the effects thumbwheel. I also find when I minimise either desk, or screen windows to enable the other item, when I maximise it again, it does not reappear properly(it goes see-through!) There also seems to be no way to re-size either desk or monitor windows to enable both to fit on screen at once. If you drag the windows I also found that the text is unreadable afterwards. :?:
  4. As it's fixtures intensities you wish to chase, you have to remember that , when you record the chase, do not tag the fixtures (or un-tag them after bringing up the intensity, prior to recording a step). This allows you to only record the intensities, with no other information, allowing you to use this chase with any positional/beamshape/colour information you have stored in other subs. (Assuming there is no intensity information on these subs, or that you keep the level of the sub down so that the intensity level of the movement sub does not go higher than the chase intensities) Hope thi
  5. Thanks for the info, will try that for next gig. Just downloaded the current manual, which I hadn't realised you update with each new software release, I presumed you had to keep track using the release notes. Keep up the good work, and look forward to the next software update
  6. Just wondering whether it's possible to not record colour, and beamshape parameters into submasters, allowing these to be inserted from pallets? These would then hold when the next sub is activated, rather than reverting to the parameters recorded in the sub? Also, I can't seem to find the instructions for the new features added to 8.1? (mainly the section on editing mover information for parameter groups)
  7. A friend of mine who is running a Fat frog in his nightclub has been trying to use this to control a Futurelight Dominator. He asked me to have a go at creating a fixture personality which had three seperate pan and tilts contained within it. I managed this, but then found that I couldn't access the effects generator to output values for all three. Any ideas?
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