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  1. Geurt, Stuur me een mailtje via dit forum, ik heb een sloop Sirius24 hier staan met werkende voeding maar verder 'licht onbetrouwbaar' met de sturing... (ahem). Kan voor een zacht prijsje, heb je gelijk reserve onderdelen! Curious? Offering a 2ndH unreliable desk with proper PS.
  2. Yeah, it would be useful... ever done a live performance? Full anticlock: there remains some progress; it is NOT a freeze !!! (at least not at my desk) Ripped that stop button in the 1st place, then. Full clock: it still takes time; it is NOT an instand !!! (ditto), (*) 0-255 converted to a semi-log scale, impossible for techs, not? (*): how are things 'digest' when the go button is pressed within the running time of the previous cross? Because it was neccessary to do so during the show? (search for reference number 3078984230431864?) Why that stop button as mentioned? Why not an inverse direction (go back) function? All restricted by the choosen '386' processor in approx. 1999? It's called a 'club desk'. Hmmm...
  3. While queing the show, something went wrong on stage (not very exeptional during performances). I had to delay the crossing, by running it slowly. But at what rate? Just gave the knob a twist and watched. And adjusted. And adjusted again. &c. &c. I knew (calculated) the nessessary time at forehand, programmed was 40 sec, needed was around 120. So an indication of "Override@33%" could have been extremely usefull. Alas. Range: [0% -- 100% -- 200%], displayed alongside the GM%; a freeze is done with the stop button, so what's the min and max of the override knob? And 'instand'? The value of the variable resistor is measured (a calculation of the 'current setting' / 'nominal centered setting' * 100%) and processed. It is not really rocket technology to display it also... If (something about) this feature was posted earlier, I wasn't able to find it or didn't want to search for. And the referencelist is a holy secret.
  4. Mars


    Kind request for a spanish translation of the manual. And software, if possible. With thanks in advance. ¡Hasta proxima en Aragon y Isalud!
  5. From the service manual Vbat: from plus16V: D42 1N4148 in series with R69 2k2 from plus5V: D41 1N4148 in series with R68 220R parallel to battery: C67 100nF Note: "with PSU off: +4.3V to +3.6V" Check D42 and R69 and ground of the battery (coppercorrosion) Faders are supplied with the buffered Vrefs from IC39 Vref2 on outputpin 1 of 39a from Vref1 on inputpin 3 and Vref 1 on outputpin 7 of 39b from Vref on pin 5, Vref = VR of IC 34 on pin 10 (the internal ref of the ADC); all at 2.55V. This ADCVR is supplied by R67 1k5 from the Plus5V supply and has a bypasscap C64 4u7F. Check R67 and ground of C64. Request a service doc (email Keith).
  6. Ground missing on the output section, output demuxers (4051) or the outputbuffers (LM324) blown. That 17V is the supply voltage of this circuit, and if you get this at your outputs, they're just a bit 'offset'.
  7. Mars


    A workaround is not possible. It's the same problem when trying to correct a scene to decrease a certain channel level: recreate the complete scene on the faders (while reading the values from the screen, if connected), and then adjust the thing. My best time to complete a scene with 24 fader channels (while sying "mmmmmwwwwrrrrgggggggffffhhhhh") is approx. 53.9471826 seconds. In my opinion, it's a shortcoming (...to difficult) and part of the system design. It's a club desk, and less a theatre desk. Program with care.
  8. On programmed (60) and unprogrammed memories alike, both LCD and monitor: start on mem 40, hold the + key for exactly 10 seconds (after the initial first increasing step, there is a right brief pause to avoid unwanted 'overstepping' at this point, then the mem selection increases rapidly up), mem counter stops at mem 101 where the release of the + key was approx. on mem 80. My guess is that the key (-board) buffer is not read out fast enough to keep up with the hastely pace of the user, and not the refresh rates of the LCD and monitor, because there's only room for these 5 or so mem steps in that brief pause.
  9. Buy a > 48 ch. muxer (analog to dmx). It's available everywhere, about the same price, internal or external casing, and above all: more reliable! The original kit works proper with a dmx-buffer on long distances. The disadvantage of a muxer is the fixed soft patch.
  10. Mars


    The number of official requests on this forum for a topset feature has crossed the critical amount of somewhere between three and five (approximately). Hurray, it has a FRN-5417 ! (Remember that old gray desk? Although equipped with 512 digital outputs, only 1 to 24 ( /48 ) were topsetting. That will be sufficient.) :arrow:
  11. to feast upon: and onward...
  12. Agree! That's an other very handy feature when available! Suggestion to implement this: "press & hold the 'selected' submaster flash buttons for the submasters which should be locked through submaster pages, when changing these submaster pages." In other words, the contents of the sm's in page x are 'copied' in page y. Also possible as a bonus: an adjustable genuine Zero88 green velvetised Frog submaster button pressing vise (approx 12" wide max.).
  13. All right, set the modifiers BEFORE programming the first step!!! Modifiers are set for the complete chaser, not for an individual step. But this live editting... synchro respons! Selecting the to-be-live-modified submaster with its select/assign/flash/whatever button would be prefferable to me. K9: your answer below and my edit happened at the same moment.
  14. Any method to assign modifiers of a chaser permanent to that chaser, to have them 'locked' and hence fixed within a submaster? When running two (2) or more (>2) chasers at the same time, all (read: ALL) chasers are affected when even touching a modifier: all chasers get these identical modifiers (speed incl.). This is the so called live control? And when the desk is fired up, it should start a chaser in the desired/selected modifier-state, and not a default idiot state. For now, I've stopped using chasers on this desk, but not on a, ahem, older desk, due to these annoyances.
  15. " Stumbling" is not particularly an equivalent of "using logic reasoning". And, considering the mentioned conspiracy hypothesis, there has never been proposed a brand renaming due to the concealed sipping habits of the successive executives. All leading to: Brand reference number 088 #2: What was the initial name of the first owners garage? (first nomination)
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