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  1. I need to operate a number of LED fixtures from sub masters on my LeapFrog 48 I don't have enough faders available to just put them there I have tried storing a red, green and blue sub but they interfere with each other I have re recorded them untagging the unused colors still they interfere with each other When I fade up the fixture it comes up white until 50% then the color I want gets brighter and the other 2 fade out I used to be able to do this on my fat frog but I haven't found the trick (if there is one) to accomplish this on the LeapFrog Joe Rodgers Electech
  2. I have a similar problem with one of my Microh PZM moving heads It turns out the PZM sets its DMX zero value to whatever the console is sending at the time the fixture is reset. So if the console is homed when the fixture is reset the pan and tilt will lock on to 50% as its zero I have to program an all zero (off) memory so I can reset the fixture then it will work properly Or if I boot the fixture first then the console it will work The PZM has a first generation bios chip
  3. After another 5 or 6 tries I have the proper syntax and icon size (32 x 32 pixels) All is working well Thank you Suggestion: Add updated details to the the "Fixture Editor User Guide Issue 2.0" to reflect the additions to the program.
  4. I also can't get the gobo icons to load in either Phantom ZerOs or my Leap Frog 48 Icons load properly from the factory fixture library Also when I use auto palette the beamshape page is blank and the color palette page has duplicate colors and they are out of order Any ideas
  5. I apologize if this has already been covered but I havn't found it listed. :idea: One thing that would be very helpfull on my shows would be to allow the Submaster bump buttons to re-trigger the LTP function even when the fader is still up. I program in partail mode and it would be so nice to have the lights return to a previous position without dropping the fader to "0" and then bringing it back up, it looks unprofesional. I never use the bump buttons. :roll: Is this a possibility?
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