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  1. Hi, I'm a freelance lighting engineer based in the Midlands (Leicester) Currently on tour with The Meatloaf story, Other work includes:- Rockman music LTD, Vampires rock, UK tour Sweet Music productions, A Night at the musicals, UK tour Various Laser jobs around UK. I'm a very experenced Zero88 user, also Avolites consoles. I have built a custom laser projector that I use for various productions and have undergone extensive laser safety training with the award winning company "laser visuals" Thanks for looking.. www.myspace.com/lampydaz
  2. I work with the Meatloaf story and vampires rock touring with a Fat frog. We tour a few moving lights, acl's etc and rely on in-house generic lx. One thing that really bugs me is when the venue dosent give me a plan or list of channel numbers to patch ( as its quite a small desk I have to patch duplicates on each channel to fit all the washes etc in) They tend to say "oh just flash through channels 200 thru 220 to find this bank of cans", or suchlike after I've patched everything elce... I have to find 4 or so unpached channels and patch 200 to 203, exit patch, wait for the desk to update all the cues etc and watch it get stuck on 93% for ages then have a look, if no sucess then try again, back into superuser, patch etc, What a pain! It would be great if when you were in the manual patch menu, to be able to use the keyboard and type say 223 then space or something to preview that dmx channel at full rather than having to patch it and exit desk setup as above! Any way this can be done to save me this nightmare of incompetant venues? P.S It would be usefull to be able to patch more than one dmx channel number to each desk channel. (E.G, if you were given the tab dressing channels and you wanted them on a single desk channel and that circuit was also part of the "red" wash from FOH) I know in normal practise this wouldnt be a problem as you could record the "red" wash as a sub etc but as Ive got so much stuff going on, I have ran out of space and have to patch whole washes onto single channels as duplicates! I can patch duplicates fine but lets say on desk channel 1, I want to patch dmx channel numbers 250 thru 255, And also on desk channel 2, I want to patch dmx channel 250, You can't. You can only use one dmx channel (1-512) once, (if you try, it jumps the number to the next available number) I was just suggesting this may be a usefull feature (it certainly would for me) Ahhhh, Mabye time to get a bull frog with double channels! If any one has any thoughts on any of the above please let me know ( and I apoligise for the dredfull spelling! ) Thanks, Daz
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